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Rumor: Facebook Working on OS X Messenger App

Somewhere, somehow, there’s a view in Facebook. Or, during least, some Facebook worker was ridiculous adequate to leave his or her shade only open adequate for anyone to see and take cinema of, that is accurately what someone did. The reason? Facebook Messenger for OS X. Such an app does not nonetheless exist for open consumption, though it’s allegedly something that Facebook is operative on—or so a sketch sent to TechCrunch indicates.

You’re substantially wondering because this even matters, generally if you’re one of a many, many people who use Facebook a required way: You open a Web browser, we crop around a site, and we discuss with your friends regulating a built-in messaging features. Easy as that. If you’re generally crafty, we competence even only use good ol’ messenger.com if we wish to be means to discuss with your friends though being tempted by any of Facebook’s other distractions.

Well, it’s also available to bucket adult a third-party app instead of opening your Web browser during all, generally if you’re a form who doesn’t wish to have to switch behind and onward between tabs to respond to conversations. Windows has a Facebook Messenger app that we can squeeze by a Windows Store (which apparently isn’t really good). Apple fans, however, have no central choice from Facebook that they can use—not yet, during least.

According to TechCrunch, pronounced poser app on a Facebook employee’s shade apparently had a possess special Messenger idol within a Facebook user’s OS X dock, and a app itself was called “Messenger”—go figure—in a menu bar. In a supposing picture, a app appears to have a navigation add-on bar in a lower-left dilemma that looks a lot like a add-on bar you’d daub on within Facebook’s iOS app. The options are allegedly a same too: Recent, Groups, People, and Settings. Facebook also doesn’t seem to be contrast this app in any kind of open approach only yet, as pronounced worker was logged into Facebook’s VPN when a design was shot.

The downside to all of this sleuthing—aside from a apparent problem that it’s a flattering jerk pierce to take a design of someone’s shade when they aren’t looking—is that Facebook competence not recover any kind of OS X app for Messenger whatsoever. Whatever it’s operative on or contrast competence only finish right there: as a test, or even an inner product, though not an central open release. The association has formerly dabbled with a desktop Messenger app for Windows, though a app didn’t final really long. Facebook killed it rather unceremoniously after dual years.

That said, there are still a series of third-party apps we can use to entrance Messenger in OS X right now, if we don’t wish to wait for Facebook’s solution—or don’t consider it’ll ever launch.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2497728,00.asp


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