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Russia Awaits Kremlin Reaction to Islamic State Downing of Helicopter

Russian officials are approaching to respond cruelly to a Friday occurrence that saw a Russian Mi-35M helicopter shot down by a Islamic State in Syria.

Russia will not leave a conflict unanswered, a Kommersant journal reported Monday, citing dual scenarios summarized by high-ranking sources within a Russian government.

In a initial scenario, Russia would significantly boost a series of atmosphere strikes regulating frontline bombers, warrior jets and journey missiles that are already deployed during Russia’s Syrian airbase. Such a unfolding competence have a disastrous impact on prejudiced cease-fire brokered in coordination with a United States, Kommersant reported.

The second unfolding would engage about 15 Su-33 and MiG-29 warrior jets, and about 10 troops helicopters now formed on a Admiral Kuznetsov cruiser. The cruiser competence be mobilized in Aug if systematic to by a Russian General Staff, Kommersant reported.

A Russian Mi-35M helicopter was shot down on Friday by a Islamic State nearby a Syrian city of Palmyra, Russian media reported. Both pilots were killed.

The Russian pilots handling a Mi-35M — one of a new helicopters eliminated to a Khmeimim airbase in Mar — had beheld a vast organisation of insurgent fighters aggressive Syrian army in eastern Palmyra, a Kommersant journal reported Monday.

The helicopter pounded a rebels that had managed to mangle by a Syrian defense, Kommersant reported, citing Defense Ministry representatives.

When a Mi-35M ran out of ammunition and attempted to spin behind to a Russian airbase, a barb strike a helicopter’s tail — a aircraft held glow and began to spin and fall. It exploded on impact.

The pilots’ bodies were recovered by Syrian soldiers and returned to a Khmeimim airbase.

Islamic State is a militant classification criminialized in Russia.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/574785.html