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Russia Demands South Korea Apologize For North Korea Rocket Delivery Claim

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday demanded an reparation from South Korea for accusing Russia of provision rocket record to North Korea following a Hermit Kingdom’s martial launch of a space rocket on Feb. 7.

Not prolonged after a launch, that saw Pyongyang send a multi-stage rocket with a satellite into orbit, South Korea’s Yonhap news group reported a car competence have contained elements constructed in Russia, citing a South Korean lawmaker.

On Wednesday, a conduct of a Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Mikhail Ulyanov, dismissed behind during Seoul perfectionist an reparation for creation “irresponsible” and “unprofessional” accusations.

“If a South Koreans unequivocally have any reason to think us of bootleg shipments, that violate UN Security Council resolutions, afterwards a justification contingency be presented,” Ulyanov said, propelling Seoul to behind adult such claims if explanation can't be presented.

Space rockets are technologically identical to intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) used to throw chief warheads opposite a universe — Yury Gagarin, in fact, rode a derivative of a Soviet Union’s initial ICBM into space in 1961.

The UN Security legislature has taboo North Korea from conducting rocket research, though Pyongyang continues to examination with a record as partial of what it claims to be a pacific municipal space program, same to those found in Russia, a United States, and a universe over.

Russia is a signatory of an general arms control gathering directed during preventing nations like North Korea from building ICBMs, famous as a Missile Technology Control Regime. However, confluence to a regime is voluntary.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/559211.html