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Russia Ranked Least Welcoming Country for Refugees – Survey

Russia is rated a slightest welcoming nation to refugees, according to a consult consecrated by Amnesty International and conducted by consulting organisation GlobeScan.

The survey, published Thursday, combined a Refugees Welcome Index that ranks countries on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means that all consult respondents would exclude refugees entrance to their nation and 100 means that all respondents would accept refugees into their neighborhood.

Russia was given an index measure of 18, a lowest. China was a many welcoming nation for refugees — scoring 85. The median index measure was 52.

The initial partial of a consult asked respondents either people should be means to take retreat in other countries to shun from fight or persecution. Thirty-nine percent of Russians pronounced they rather remonstrate or strongly disagree. Fifty-three percent of Russian concluded with a statement.

When asked either their supervision should do some-more to assistance refugees journey fight or persecution, 58 percent of Russians suspicion that their supervision should not do more. Only 26 percent suspicion a Russian supervision should do some-more — fixation Russia during a bottom of a list of 27 countries.

The second partial of a consult asked either respondents would accept refugees in their possess household, neighborhood, city, nation or exclude them entrance to their nation altogether.

Sixty-one percent of Russian respondents would not accept refugees into their country. In Poland, a second-least welcoming country, 29 percent of respondents had a same response. The tellurian normal was 17 percent.

Only 1 percent of people in Russia would accept refugees into their household. The normal available internationally was 10 percent.

GlobeScan spoke by write with 1,020 Russians aged 18 and comparison from Mar 9-21, 2016. The domain of blunder does not surpass 3.7 percent.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/569884.html