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Russian Defense Ministry Denies Warplane Shot Down in Syria

Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied reports that one of a aircraft was shot down nearby a Syrian city of Raqqa on Thursday, a Interfax news group reported.

The matter came after claims by some media outlets that a Russian warplane had been downed by a Islamic State, a militant classification criminialized in Russia.

A post by a Raqqa_SL Twitter comment sparked a reports, reading: “Fighters contend they shot down a Russian warplane in Mansoura West Raqqa constraint dual pilots.”

The comment is generally deliberate to be a arguable source of information from a Islamic State capital.

Earlier this week, a Russian Mi-28 helicopter crashed in western Syria, murdering a dual pilots on board.

The occurrence took place on Monday night nearby a city of Homs, RIA Novosti reported. Their sources pronounced that a helicopter wasn’t underneath glow during a time of a crash.

The bodies of a dual pilots have been changed to a Khmeimim atmosphere bottom in Latakia.

Moscow began atmosphere strikes in Syria in September. Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced a withdrawal of a infancy of Russian army from a country, claiming that many of Russia’s goals in a area had been accomplished.

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