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Russian Film Distributors Beg Putin Not to Tax Foreign Movies

Russia’s largest film distributors have urged President Vladimir Putin to retard a due taxation on tickets to unfamiliar movies, that they contend would lead to a call of film museum closures opposite a country, Russian media reported Thursday.

The due taxation on tickets to unfamiliar films, an thought floated by tip supervision officials final month, would fundamentally lift a cost of tickets and revoke film theaters’ clientele, Eduard Pichugin, a CEO of film studio Lenfilm, told a Interfax news group on Thursday.

“Major film distributors will tarry a weight … though cinemas in tiny towns and cities will fast go bankrupt, they will remove their audience,” pronounced Pichugin, who was one of a pushing army behind a minute to Putin.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev due introducing a sales taxation on tickets to unfamiliar films final month, with Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky shortly afterward entrance out in support of a proposal.

The taxation is meant to emanate an additional source of appropriation for Russian cinema, that is struggling to opposition a recognition of unfamiliar films.

Medinsky responded to a distributors’ concerns during a press lecture Thursday, saying:

“If a check of this kind is submitted, no one in a Russian film business should suffer,” Interfax reported. The offer is still being worked out, he added.

Russian box bureau revenues totaled 46 billion rubles ($805 million) in Russia final year, with 38 billion rubles ($665 million), or 82 percent of a total, warranted by unfamiliar films, according to a Kommersant newspaper.

If Russia’s 18 percent sales taxation were placed on tickets to unfamiliar films, film theaters would have to compensate a sum of about 7 billion rubles ($123 million) yearly, a journal calculated.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/525347.html