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Russian Opposition Governor Arrested for Corruption Claims Innocence

A Russian administrator arrested for crime has claimed his ignorance in a Moscow court.

Nikita Belykh, administrator of a Kirov segment in executive Russia, was arrested Friday after allegedly holding a 400,000 euro ($440,000) bribe.

Appearing in justice on Saturday, Jun 25, Belykh confirmed that he was not guilty, revelation a court, “I usually incited 41. we am a successful bureaucrat. we need a success story and we wish to infer we never did, don’t and never will take bribes.”

In what looked like a designed special operation Friday evening, a politician was photographed with stacks of income coated in luminescent ultraviolet ink, that troops used to infer Belykh’s hit with a money.

Investigative Committee emissary Vladimir Markin pronounced that a income was a third installment of a cheat that Belykh had initial started receiving behind in 2014.

“A cheat doesn’t smell though infrequently it glows,” pronounced Markin, in a matter on a Investigative Committee website. “Anticipating a violence that rises in such cases, we wish to highlight that there are no domestic motives in a crime review like this,” he said.

The administrator is charged with holding a income in lapse for insurance and support for an investment organisation in his home region. If found guilty, he faces adult to 15 years in prison.

Belykh’s invulnerability maintains, according to Kommersant newspaper, that while a administrator took a money, it was “financial support for a non-budgetary substructure dictated for reformation in a region.”

Belykh is a third Russian administrator to be arrested on crime charges over a final dual years, though a Kirov official’s magnanimous domestic position has drawn additional courtesy to a case.

Russian business daily Vedomosti called a arrest, “a crackdown on Russian liberals and strengthening of Russian siloviki, [Russian politicians or officials with ties to a troops or confidence services].”

Belykh’s detain has repelled Russia’s domestic elite, with several high-profile politicians vocalization out on a administrator behalf. Some commentators have purported that a operation was a setup, and that usually tools of story have been suggested by police.

Writing on his blog Saturday, antithesis romantic Alexei Navalny spoke of his warn during Belykh’s arrest.

“It is intensely formidable to suppose that Belykh would accept a income cheat in a center of a Moscow restaurant,” he wrote.

“Yes, his hands heat in a ultraviolet light, though would he unequivocally be sitting in there in a Lotte Plaza [Restaurant] counting his hundred euro notes? It isn’t like him.”

Politician Vladimir Milov also wrote on his blog that he was “not impressed” by troops photos of Belykh with a money. “I would not wish to assume about Belykh’s shame or innocence. But there are evidently apparent inconsistencies.”

Belykh began his career in a midst 1990s as a successful banker and entrepreneur. He after became concerned in politics, winning a parliamentary chair in northern segment of Perm and apropos vice-governor of a Perm segment in 2004. In 2005, he was inaugurated personality of Union of Right Forces, Russia’s magnanimous reformist opposition, though a celebration suffered better in a 2007 parliamentary elections. President Dmitry Medvedev allocated him as Kirov segment administrator in 2009, creation him a usually Russian administrator compared with a magnanimous antithesis movement.

He has turn obvious in liberal-political circles, comparing with officials including Anatoly Chubais, conduct of state record association Rosnano, and Alexei Kudrin, former financial apportion and emissary conduct of a president’s mercantile council. “My crony Nikita Belykh is in trouble,” Chubais wrote on his Facebook page Saturday. “I have famous him for around 15 years, and we can frequency trust that he would take a bribe.”

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