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Russian Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis Meet in Cuba, Sign Declaration

Head of a Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis met for a initial time on Saturday in Havana, Cuba and a assembly resolved with a dual group signing a corner declaration, a Interfax news group reported.

After dual hours of “open and fraternal talks,” Patriarch Kirill announced that a Russian Orthodox Church and a Catholic Church could now work together all over a world.

“We discussed utterly a series of initiatives that we can work on together,” pronounced Pope Francis, adding that he felt “the participation of a Holy Spirit” during a talks.

One of a categorical points of a stipulation was a need to titillate persecuted Christians.

“We call on a universe village to combine opposite assault and terrorism,” a request reads.

The church leaders also discussed a advantages of a European integration, though pronounced that Europe needs to strengthen a rights of eremite believers. They warned opposite “integration that does not honour eremite identity.”

The stipulation establishes a idea of a family that is common by both churches — it describes matrimony as a giveaway act of adore and fealty between a male and a lady — and also confired a common disastrous attitudes toward termination and euthanasia.

“We are not rivals, though brothers,” a matter declares. “We titillate Catholic and Orthodox believers of a universe to learn to live in peace, adore and harmony.”

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/559589.html