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Russian Prime Minister: Ukraine Has ‘No Industry, or State’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev denounced Ukraine as carrying “neither industry, nor a state,” according to remarks published Monday on a Cabinet website.

Medvedev was responding to a criticism by an attention watchdog official, who compared mankind rates during Russia’s spark mines with those in Ukraine, in an try to urge Russia’s mining mankind rates.

Speaking in a arise of a array of lethal cave explosions progressing this year, conduct of a attention watchdog Rostekhnadzor Alexei Alyoshin pronounced that in 2015, Russia’s mining mankind rates totaled “0.053 people per a million tons [of spark produced].”

The rate was “in line with a numbers of grown coal-producing countries,” and a lowest in a story of Russia and of a Soviet Union, Alyoshin pronounced in a assembly with Medvedev in Siberia’s coal-mining segment of Kemerovo.

But when Alyoshin went on to review a rate with that of Ukraine — where he pronounced mining mankind reached scarcely 1.2 people per ton of spark — Medvedev cut in, and a following sell ensued:

“What’s a indicate of creation parallels with Ukraine in that sense,” Medvedev said.

“I’m [citing a data] for a consequence of comparison,” Alyoshin responded, according to a transcript.

“Well, no, I’m only observant there is conjunction industry, nor a state there,” Medvedev said.

Alyoshin attempted to urge his statistics, arguing a numbers antiquated behind to 2013 — a year before Ukraine plunged into fight in a east, between Russian-backed insurgents and a Kiev government.

Medvedev came right back: “In 2013? There was attention there, though there was no state even then.”

Since travel demonstrations began in 2013 by European-minded Ukrainians, Moscow has denounced a criticism transformation as an bootleg revolt, and a continuation as a disaster of a diseased — or self-existent — state.

Russian officials have prolonged derided Ukraine’s statehood — observation a former Soviet commonwealth as Moscow’s backyard. Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly told then-U.S. President George W. Bush during a 2008 NATO limit in Bucharest that “Ukraine is not even a state!”

Russia’s mining safety, that was a theme of a assembly in Kemerovo, has regularly been called into question.

A array of cave explosions in a northwest commonwealth of Komi killed 36 people in February. The blasts were attributed to methane gas explosions.

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