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Russian Soldiers Say Quit Over Deployment to Syria

Several Russian agreement soldiers claimed this week they were to be deployed to Syria, undermining Russian supervision denials that it has sent fight infantry to a fight zone, online journal Gazeta.ru reported Friday.

Russia caused amazement in a West by stepping adult support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in new weeks. Moscow has sent infantry hardware though says it is not fighting in a country. The Defense Ministry on Friday denied a Gazeta.ru report.

The journal interviewed 4 soldiers in a southern Russian city of Novorossiysk — not distant from easterly Ukraine — who pronounced they were partial of a patrol of 20 “most promising” infantry sent to a city in late August.

The soldiers pronounced that a deputy of a General Staff on Wednesday told them they would be deployed to Latakia, a Syrian pier city tranquil by Assad’s army — and where a U.S. has pronounced Russia is building a “forward atmosphere handling base.”

The whistleblowers pronounced they refused to go. “We don’t wish to go Syria, we don’t wish to die there,” one of a soldiers, Alexei, whose final name was withheld, was cited by Gazeta.ru as saying.

The 4 soldiers pronounced they went to a infantry prosecutor’s bureau in Novorossiysk, perfectionist to check a legitimacy of a orders given by their commanders — that didn’t exist on paper. They also filed a censure to a presidential Human Rights Council and handed in their abdication notices, a news said. It was not transparent either a resignations were accepted.

Their preference to go open sparked a media storm, and a deployment — scheduled for Sept. 17, according to a news — was postponed, Gazeta.ru said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry on Friday pronounced it was unfit that a soldiers could have been deployed to Syria. The ministry’s press use told a TASS news group that a troops, who belonged to a Eastern Military District, could usually be sent to a end within that district.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/531645.html