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Ryan Seacrest Denies Misconduct Allegations Brought Against Him By Former Stylist

Ryan Seacrest is denying a bungle allegations that have been brought opposite him by a former habit stylist.

In a matter performed by PEOPLE on Friday, a Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host says a claims that he “behaved inappropriately toward” a womanlike stylist, who he formerly worked with roughly 10 years ago during E! News, are “reckless.”

“Recently, someone that worked as a habit stylist for me scarcely a decade ago during E! News, came brazen with a censure suggesting we behaved inappropriately toward her. If we done her feel anything though respected, we am truly sorry. we brawl these forward allegations and we devise to concur with any corporate inquiries that might result,” Seacrest, 42, began his statement.

“I provide all my colleagues with kindness, dignity, and understanding, as this is a element that’s core to who we am. Throughout my 25 years in a party industry, a infancy of my co-workers have been women, and I’ve endeavored to encourage a certain work sourroundings of mutual honour and courtesy, as that’s how we trust it should be,” his matter continued.

Seacrest concluded: “I’m distraught that anyone or any conditions would call that into question. I’m unapproachable of my workplace reputation, and trust my lane record will pronounce for itself. I’m an disciple for women. we will continue to support their voices.”

“We can endorse that we have started an investigation,” an E! orator reliable to PEOPLE.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that initial reported a news, a accusations brought opposite a American Idol host were done approximately one week ago and sum about them are not nonetheless public.

The claims opposite Seacrest come in a arise of a inundate of passionate bungle allegations that have been done opposite countless high-profile members of Hollywood, including producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, actor Jeremy Piven and countless others.

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