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Samsung Considers Changing Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung is scheming a subsequent Samsung Galaxy flagship device after a disaster of a Galaxy Note 7. The subsequent device is reckoned to be a Samsung Galaxy S8 and is approaching to be expelled in Feb 2017 during or immediately before a MWC, Mobile World Congress, though there are rumors observant that Samsung is delicately deliberation a options. The problem a association has is in restoring certainty in a code following how it rubbed a remember of a Galaxy Note 7. In a details, how a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was expelled with a pattern smirch that was not rescued before recover and was not picked adult on during a initial recall, before Samsung pulled a device from sale. Samsung Electronics have explained that they still do not understand what caused a bursting battery disaster of a Galaxy Note 7 and this will certainly harm certainty in any of a company’s new smartphones.

When it comes to a timing of a recover of a Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung could move a recover brazen to try to soak adult some of a sales opening left when a Galaxy Note 7 was private from a market. By doing this, Samsung would be seeking to constraint sales from patron still unresolved on to a former Galaxy Note device and watchful for a subsequent indication before they upgrade. However, this could meant Samsung would be rushing a subsequent Galaxy flagship and this might not enthuse certainty in a device. Alternatively, holding this onboard, Samsung could postpone a launch from Feb until April, giving a business some-more time to settle a means of a bursting Galaxy Note 7 batteries and redress a problem.

Samsung’s choice devise is to continue to recover a device during a MWC: this sticks with a stream and determined timeline between development, prolongation and sale, and we would wish that in a entrance few weeks Samsung will know what caused a battery problem on a Galaxy Note 7. However, with rumors that Samsung is or has been deliberation reworking a Galaxy S8 pattern to incorporate a incomparable arrangement in sequence to make a device some-more appealing for former Galaxy Note customers, any redesign could outcome in development, contrast and prolongation delays. Meanwhile, a Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 and and Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL inclination are offered good and potentially hidden Galaxy Note family sales.

Article source: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/11/samsung-considers-changing-galaxy-s8-release-date.html