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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 looks set to keep a headphone jack

The Galaxy S9, 2018’s hottest phone until a subsequent iPhone, has emerged in new leaked images today, and this time we’re saying a initial denote that it will still have a headphone jack. Samsung, LG, and a integrate of other companies like OnePlus have remained unaffected in their inclusion of a headphone jack, yet that was distant from a certainty for a subsequent Galaxy S iteration. This is a phone that will contest opposite a iPhone X, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, and some-more niche rivals like Google’s Pixel 2: all of them flourishing sans a headphone jack. So Samsung could have dumped a analog audio output, yet it seems to have opted opposite it, and that’s estimable of commendation. USB-C earphones are all still possibly bad or costly — or both — and phones that keep harmony with 3.5mm connectors sojourn profoundly useful to consumers that aren’t nonetheless assured by Bluetooth.

The full information brief currently is indeed focused on a new Samsung DeX Pad, that appears to be an expansion of final year’s $149 DeX dock for a Galaxy S8. The purpose of these docks is to promote tie between a Galaxy device and a circuitously monitor, with a smartphone afterwards functioning some-more or reduction like a PC. The DeX Pad includes additional USB ports and a full-size HDMI outlay and a USB-C tie for power. It doesn’t demeanour like a prettiest appendage in a world, yet afterwards it’s not like too many things will demeanour pleasing once we hang a garland of cables into them anyway. The pad’s reportedly dictated to concede a phone to be laid prosaic and used as a touchpad or keyboard, and it’s expected to be backwards-compatible with a Galaxy S8 too.

Aside from a headphone jack’s coming in a images, we can also see Samsung’s Bixby symbol on a Galaxy S9, still located only next a volume rocker on a side. That button, and a Bixby voice partner in general, hasn’t been good received, yet Samsung already voiced a joining to Bixby as a expansion motorist during a latest financial report, so there’s no reason to trust that a association will be abandoning it anytime soon. Even yet it should.

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