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Saturday Politics: Trump And Hurricanes, Manafort, Kavanaugh


The White House says President Trump will debate a storm-damaged area someday subsequent week, once it’s transparent that his revisit won’t confuse from a ongoing rescue and liberation efforts. But even a lethal charge doesn’t wholly confuse from a domestic turmoil in and around a White House this week. That’s where NPR’s Scott Horsley comes in. Scott, interjection so most for being with us.


SIMON: We haven’t seen most physically – publicly of a boss in a final integrate days, his meetings with puncture responders on Thursday and Friday behind sealed doors. He has been active online. But first, because hasn’t he come before a cameras?

HORSLEY: Well, it’s a good question. Ordinarily, a press staff would entice cameras into his briefings so a open could see for themselves that a president’s on tip of a situation. He could gleam a spotlight on all a sovereign supervision is doing to assistance respond to a storm.

But Trump’s briefings both Thursday and Friday were off-camera. It could be that his aides are disturbed that if reporters were there, a boss competence be goaded into articulate about some of a some-more argumentative stories in a news this week.

SIMON: And a boss called sovereign efforts to support Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria an unsung success. But, of course, as we know, 3,000 people died. And then, a boss pronounced that his critics had usually baked adult that number. And that – we have to contend it – that’s usually not true.

HORSLEY: That’s right. Now a lot of those deaths did not take place directly during a storm. Rather, they took place indirectly during a painfully delayed recovery. Remember, it was usually final month that electricity was finally easy via a island. So if this is a success, Trump is in a really waste carol singing about it.

In Florida, some of a president’s associate Republicans attempted to stretch themselves from Trump’s comments. Candidates like Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis – they know that downplaying a scale of that disaster is not a approach to make friends in Florida. A lot of Puerto Rican transplants have relocated to that state, and many of them will be voting in November.

SIMON: And branch to a domestic news of a week, that is important. The president’s former debate authority Paul Manafort pleaded guilty yesterday to transgression swindling charges and concluded to concur with Robert Mueller’s investigation. Do sources in a White House trust Paul Manafort has a lot to plate about on Donald Trump and/or a Trump campaign?

HORSLEY: Publicly, a White House is stressing that Paul Manafort’s guilty pleas have zero to do with his work on a Trump campaign. Press secretary Sarah Sanders said, quote, “this has positively zero to do with a president.” And that is true. If we review a information, it’s not about a time that Manafort spent on a campaign.

But, look; he was regulating a Trump debate during a summer of 2016. He was benefaction for that barbarous assembly in Trump Tower with a Russian commission that had offering to plate mud on Hillary Clinton. So if he is going to concur with Mueller’s team, as he said, he could be a profitable source about any probable contacts between Russia and a Trump campaign.

SIMON: Finally, a Senate Judiciary Committee is approaching to opinion subsequent week on a Brett Kavanaugh assignment to a Supreme Court. There were grave charges this week that surfaced, alleging that Brett Kavanaugh committed a passionate attack during high school. What do we know about this?

HORSLEY: According to The New Yorker, a lady who knew Kavanaugh in high propagandize told her congresswoman, and also Senator Dianne Feinstein, that during a celebration behind in a early ’80s, Kavanaugh had hold her down and attempted to force himself on her. Now Kavanaugh emphatically denies that, and Feinstein didn’t move this adult during a acknowledgment hearings.

The White House suggests this is an eleventh-hour stalling tactic. And yesterday, Chuck Grassley, a Republican authority of a Judiciary Committee, expelled a minute sealed by 65 women who contend they knew Kavanaugh in high propagandize and testifying to his good character.

SIMON: NPR’s Scott Horsley, interjection so much.

HORSLEY: You’re welcome.


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