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Saudi Sisters, Seeking Asylum, May Have Committed Suicide, Police Say

The sisters, who were seen roughly between 158th and 163rd Streets, were seated several feet from a river, that could explain because they were found downriver, Chief Shea said.

At about 3 p.m. that day, a bystander detected their bodies, clad in identical black jackets and black leggings, subsequent a post about 100 blocks south nearby 68th Street. Their bodies were wrapped in tape, that was “keeping them together,” though it was not firmly contracting them, Chief Shea said.

“It is wholly convincing that a girls entered a H2O alive,” Chief Shea said. “We have them praying a brief stretch from a water. We also have sources that detectives have grown so far, statements that they would rather inflict mistreat on themselves, dedicate suicide, than lapse to Saudi Arabia.”

The Farea family changed from Jeddah, a pier city in Saudi Arabia, to Fairfax, Va., about 3 years ago. The sisters lived with their mom and during slightest dual brothers, according to neighbors and a Arab News, an English-language Saudi Arabian newspaper. Their father trafficked behind and onward between a dual countries, kin told a news outlet.

Tala Farea quickly attended a open propagandize in Fairfax County for her sophomore year, according to a orator for a propagandize district, and Rotana Farea was an engineering tyro during George Mason University from early 2016 until final spring.

“The news of her genocide is tragic,” a orator for a university said. “University officials are auxiliary with military and will support in any approach we can.”

The family was kind and cordial, pronounced a neighbor who lived subsequent doorway to a family during an unit building in Fairfax from 2016 until they changed out in early Aug and who asked not to be named. He pronounced he saw a father about 3 times and would typically see a mom interacting with other Muslim women who seemed to live in a building.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/02/nyregion/farea-sisters-suicide-saudi-arabia.html