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Scott Baio: Allegations he harassed, assaulted child actors are ‘media magician hunt’


Actor Alexander Polinsky claims he was intimately tormented and assaulted by Scott Baio as a teenager.
USA Today

Dueling press conferences on passionate bungle allegations opposite Scott Baio competed for courtesy Wednesday, as a former child actor indicted Baio of nuisance and attack 3 decades ago and Baio sent out his counsel and repute to tag himself a plant of a “media magician hunt.”

Baio was not benefaction during a press discussion during his lawyer’s bureau due to his immature daughter’s illness. Instead, orator Brian Glicklich and counsel Jennifer McGrath review a matter from him: 

“For reasons we don’t understand, we am a plant of fake claims that bluster all changed in my life. … Mostly, I’m stunned. … we will not let this continue. … we will use each unit of strength we have to quarrel this.”

This now includes allegations from former child actor Alexander Polinsky, who seemed during an progressing press discussion Wednesday to credit his Charles in Charge co-star of intimately badgering him and assaulting him with a crater of prohibited tea on a set of a uncover in a late 1980s.

Polinsky’s accusations combined to those of his former co-star, Nicole Eggert, 46, who claims Baio and she were intimately insinuate when she was underage. She appeared with Polinsky in Los Angeles during a offices of their mutual lawyer, Lisa Bloom. 

Polinksy, in further to creation his possess allegations opposite Baio, corroborated adult Eggert’s accusations opposite Baio, who has strongly denied that Eggert was underneath 18 when their encounters occurred. 

“I saw their attribute rise on a set in a entrance months and years, and it was really pathetic to me to see a male we looked adult to working in this approach with someone who is really tighten to my age,” Polinsky said.

Glicklich pronounced Eggert’s credit has been undermined by her allegedly changeable accounts of what happened and when, and by comparing video of what she has pronounced in a media recently about her encounters with Baio compared to what she pronounced 5 years ago. 

“Scott denies each singular explain of inapt behavior, and if we inspect a claims done they can be refuted with evidence,” Glicklich said. “Frankly, if we go by all a particular accusations, we’ll be here all afternoon. Scott denies all of them.”

Polinksy, now 43, played a crony of Eggert’s impression on a show, with Baio, now 57, as a superstar personification a college tyro vital with a family as a babysitter.

“I was intimately tormented by Scott Baio and eventually assaulted by him between a ages of 12 and 15 years old,” Polinsky told reporters. Bloom combined what happened to Polinsky on a uncover amounted to “child abuse” of a small boy. 

Polinksy purported “a settlement of abuse that was unrelenting” opposite him. He pronounced Baio once pulled down his pants in front of some-more than 100 people, and another time he allegedly unprotected himself to Polinsky.

He also said Baio assaulted him by throwing a crater of prohibited tea in his face after Polinsky dismayed him by faking passing a basketball to him. But he pronounced he was not himself intimately abused by Baio. 

He pronounced a nuisance began during a initial deteriorate of a show, when he walked in on Eggert sitting on Baio’s lap. Eggertsaid he “misjudged” a situation, and when Polinsky also attempted to burst in Baio’s lap, Baio shoved him off and called him a happy slur. 

After that, they said, he was customarily bullied and tormented by Baio in “retaliation” for what he had seen. Eggert, who pronounced she felt guilty about what she says happened to Polinsky, combined that he was tripped, pushed around and frequently verbally abused by Baio given “he was in a wrong place during a wrong time.”

Eggert and Polinksy pronounced Baio was a “tyrant” on a uncover and that others on a uncover were wakeful of what was function though were too fearful of losing their jobs to do anything about it. 

Bloom reliable that both Eggert and Polinsky have met with Los Angeles Police Department detectives about their claims opposite Baio. The LAPD has reliable to USA TODAY that they are looking into a allegations.

Given that all of a purported events took place some-more than 3 decades ago, it is not transparent what kind of rapist charges could result. The principle of reduction afterwards in outcome have prolonged given expired. 

Both Eggert and Polinksy pronounced they are not meddlesome in income and do not devise to record a polite suit. Eggert pronounced an reparation competence be in order. 

Glicklich said that’s not going to happen. “You can’t apologize for something that’s not true.”

McGrath pronounced Baio expects to be privileged by LAPD. Glicklich suggested Baio’s accusers and their counsel are seeking to repairs him by near-daily media attacks. 

“This is not a dog-and-pony show, this is an honest try to impact in a media,” McGrath said. “Mr. Baio’s repute is being spoiled in a community. This is harmful to him. Mr. Polinsky’s claims are harmful to him.”



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