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Security Concerns Hinder Mobile Banking in Malaysia

Mobile banking is not a many renouned mobile activity in Malaysia, and according to Mar research, that’s expected since people still distrust a channel.

About 3 in 10 mobile device owners in Malaysia told Nielsen in Mar 2016 that they cite to revisit earthy banks rather than control banking activities on their mobile phone. And confidence was by distant a biggest reason: Nearly three-quarters of mobile device owners .

But there are technical reasons for not banking around mobile as well: About 30% cited their device’s tiny shade as a reason they weren’t expected to bank on it, and 15% also forked out that a miss of fast internet tie was a problem.

And in fact, for mobile device owners in Malaysia, mobile banking—whatever a reason—is mostly not a priority.

Of a tip 20 mobile activities conducted by mobile device owners in Malaysia, regulating a banking or word app ranked 14th. Of course, it is notable that 32% of respondents pronounced they did do such an activity—that’s a third of those surveyed, after all—and in fact, 53% pronounced they checked an comment change or new transaction, and 42% pronounced they eliminated income between bank accounts.

So it seems that while mobile banking has a repute for a miss of confidence or remoteness among some owners in Malaysia, many are still doing it.

eMarketer estimates that this year, there will be 22.4 million mobile phone users in Malaysia, including 15.3 million smartphone users—which translates to only underneath half a population. By 2020, 58.8% of people of all ages in Malaysia will possess and use a smartphone on a monthly basis.

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