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She mislaid 10 family members in Alabama tornadoes. ‘Just why, why?’

BEAUREGARD, Ala. — Sunday was ostensible to be a special day.

Cora Jones, 52, had been by a lot in new months: a breast cancer diagnosis in December. A pursuit detriment and a pierce after that. But she had gotten by it interjection to support from members of her family, many of whom lived only several roads divided from her in a tiny village of Beauregard.

So on Sunday, after church, Jones designed to go to her parents’ residence and prepare them a dish that enclosed her mother’s favorite food: honeyed potatoes. It was going to be a possibility to have a good dusk together as a family.

Instead, shortly after they returned home from church, Jones’ relatives — Mary Louise Jones, 83, and Jimmy Lee Jones, 89 — were killed when devastating tornadoes cut by eastern Alabama on Sunday afternoon.

Jones, whose home was not shop-worn by a tornadoes, raced to her parents’ place after a twisters hit, anticipating to find them alive.

“When we got adult that hill, we see no houses. Everything was gone. we only couldn’t trust it,” Jones said. “It looked like someone took a chainsaw and went, ‘swoop.'”


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