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Short Supply Causes Jacked Up Price Of Apple Pencil In eBay Up To $650

Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV (Photo : Getty Images)

The brief supply of Apple Pencil for a iPad Pro has caused owners to offer their stylus on eBay for adult to $650. The normal offer is $500.

CNN reports that since of a brief supply and a four- to five-week wait for delivery, besides a object being sole on a ecommerce site, Apple Pencil in demo stations are being stolen. The Pencil is labelled during $99.

Likewise, a Smart Keyboard is in brief supply, with owners also offered a appendage on eBay from $200 to $650, nonetheless a central cost is usually $169. However, iPad Pro owners can surrogate a Logitech keyboard accessible in some Apple stores.

The dual in-demand equipment are used to modify a new Apple inscription into a unstable workstation for artists, designers and critical notetakers. Apple fans were repelled with a recover of a Pencil since Steve Jobs, co-founder of a company, hated styluses and killed in 1997 a Newton, a device that looks like a inscription with a stylus.

The Cupertino-based tech hulk did not criticism on reports of Pencil thefts that have been reported on Reddit, Twitter and blogs. But it did acknowledge to a singular supply of a Pencil and a Smart Keyboard in Apple Retail stores that prove patron fad for a iPad Pro and a dual accessories, according to an Apple spokesman.

Marco Arment, co-founder of Tumblr, recalls that he went to an Apple store on Friday and it carried on 20 Pencils that were purchased by one customer. The online backorder for a Pencil is 4 to 5 weeks, he tweets.

But with a smoothness of a accessories in bigger apportion in a entrance weeks, “The eBay scalpers’ time to make any distinction is VERY limited,” says Armen who describes a necessity as “an annoying check on a Pro launch.”

Forbes agrees, observant that a iPad Pro has landed, though reduction a landing gear entirely deployed. It adds a Smart Keyboard is essential “for anything that approaches long-form essay or lots of information input.” The choice from Logitech, it report as too large and too complicated though lacks a pattern savvy of an Apple peripheral.

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