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Six center fingers on Snapchat lead to suspension of Junior League softball team

A girls softball group from Virginia schooled a tough doctrine about amicable media: After a victory, consider twice about gloating over your competition on their home territory — generally if a selected process of gloating is posting a print on amicable media of six teammates flipping a bird under the caption, “watch out host.”

The 12-to-14-year-olds who make adult a Atlee girl joining softball group from Mechanicsville, Va., schooled this a tough approach on Saturday when they were unfit from a nationally televised championship diversion during a Junior League World Series in Kirkland, Wash., after one group member posted that print on her Snapchat comment following a feat on Friday. The group apologized Saturday, even seeking for an review into a game, though it was too late to correct a repairs a design had caused.

Little League orator Kevin Fountain called a post “inappropriate” in a matter to a Richmond Times-Dispatch, explaining that it disregarded a league’s “policies per unsportsmanlike conduct.”

The suspension didn’t lay good with a Atlee group manager, Scott Currie, who found out about a photo shortly after a group posted it following a 1-0 win. Currie immediately reprimanded a children, aged 12 to 14, who were involved, before perfectionist they undo a post and apologize in chairman to their rivals.

“It’s a caricature for these girls,” Currie told a Times-Dispatch on Saturday. “Yes, they screwed up, though we don’t consider a punishment fit a crime.”

The group asked for an review into a events heading adult to a post in an apologetic statement that was given to WRIC.com:

“We are really contemptible for a amicable media post ensuing in a suspension of a softball group contending for a 2017 universe championship. Atlee Little League is an classification done adult wholly of volunteers with a proven lane record of advancing a standards of sportsmanship in girl sports. We are deeply unhappy this amicable media post did not simulate a core values of Little League International or Atlee Little League.

“We design Little League International will take a time to entirely examine a matter, and we will approve with this review by providing all information about upsetting interactions including a amicable media post and a time heading adult to that eventuality — not all of that were on a partial of those of a Atlee softball team. We enterprise to strengthen all girl who are recipients of inapt function both on and off a field, as we take really severely a assign to explain a value of good sportsmanship. It is critical to remember a immature women athletes concerned in this hapless eventuality are minors who are partial of a fabric of this village that upheld them and that they were respected to represent.

“Those concerned feel really deeply this relapse in judgment, and wish your care for their remoteness during this time. These immature athletes are partial of Atlee Little League. As all immature athletes are lerned to do, they will brush themselves off after a loss, and try again — after carrying schooled a many profitable lesson.”

According to Atlee Coach Chris Mardigian, who spoke to RVA Sports, a post came in plea to “several incidents of harassment” perpetrated by some Kirkland group members that targeted a Atlee team. The Times-Dispatch adds that both a actor and manager from Kirkland’s group were ejected after being caught relaying Atlee’s signals from second bottom to Kirkland batters.

Making matters worse for Atlee, Kirkland was selected to reinstate Atlee in Saturday’s championship diversion and lost, 7-1, to USA Central.

Little League’s preference to invalidate Atlee while compelling Kirkland irritated many on amicable media, nonetheless many certified a print posted to Snapchat was inexcusable. Many also pronounced it’s equally astray to invalidate a whole Atlee group over a actions of 6 members.

“You don’t invalidate an ENTIRE group due to a posting of one child,” Sueann Taylor Ellis posted on RVA Sports’ Facebook page.

“I can know disqualifying Atlee for a post … though to give Kirland [sic] a mark is ridiculous,” Jerry Broussard wrote. “The other group in a finals should only get a win outright. Bureaucracy during it’s [sic] finest.”

Others concluded with Little League’s decision, nonetheless they certified it’s a “hard lesson” to learn.

“Adults/kids earlier or after need to know that not all should go on amicable media,” Michelle Turnbow Jenkins wrote. “[T]here is always someone watching!”

“I consider we should all take a step behind and demeanour during a bigger picture,” Skip Horton added. “They need to consider about there [sic] destiny colleges. This is accurately what coaches demeanour during before a [sic] offer scholarship.”

There are dozens of cases in that amicable media has negatively influenced a impending tyro athlete’s future. In 2014, for example, a Penn State partner manager (perhaps ironically) used Twitter to announce he “dropped another prospect” since of his amicable media presence.

“Actually blissful we got to see a ‘real’ chairman before we offering him [a scholarship],” Herb Hand said.

While a Atlee player’s post and a 6 participants’ faces will expected exist online perpetually (although a post was deleted, it’s been screen-captured and common online countless times), a players will substantially equivocate any long-term damage. Not nonetheless in high school, a children have copiousness of time to rethink their online personas — and maybe some-more chances to play in tournament championships.

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