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Snapchat adds Olympics-themed filters, stickers, and lenses

Just about each vital tech association is doing Olympics promotions: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and now Snapchat.

The association is currently releasing a collection of stickers, lenses and filters themed after a Olympics.

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new eventuality for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

First off we have a integrate of new lenses themed around a competition. One of them gives we a wipe with your country’s dwindle on it, and pops adult some fireworks when we open your mouth.

The stickers duration are in a common quirky Snapchat character – including a recently combined Bitmoji – all variously themed around a Olympics as a whole. You both send them in chats and insert them to snaps.


  • Screenshot_20160805-111715
  • Screenshot_20160805-111724

Finally, there are also some Olympics filters we can appropriate right from your snaps to access, that will arrangement some nationalistic colors and designs. There will also be a award count filter that changes as your group amasses some-more wins.

Meanwhile Snpachat will be curating Live Stories depending on your country. Snapchat has promote deals in a US, UK, France Canada, Australia, Brazil and “Latin America,” according to Mashable.

It’s a contrition it doesn’t seem we can change your country; what if we support some-more than one team? Still, design these to cocktail adult all over your friends’ snaps and stories in a entrance days.

The refurbish should already be live on both Android and iOS

Via Mashable

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