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Sony E3 2018 PS4 Press Conference: All The Announcements In One Place

The Last of Us Part 2

Sony suffers from a weight of high expectations, as for roughly each year in a PS4’s lifecycle, they have put on one of a many buzzed-about shows of a conference.

We’ll see if that changes tonight. Microsoft and Bethesda have both had sincerely plain press events themselves (EA and Ubisoft reduction so, and Square Enix’s didn’t need to exist during all), and Sony wants to stir before Nintendo knocks everyone’s sock off with Smash Bros. Switch and Let’s Go Pokémon among other titles tomorrow.

You can watch tonight’s Sony PS4 livestream right here, and we do wish you’ll follow along with my liveblog below. Anticipated earnings to announced exclusives embody The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-man and Final Fantasy VII. Hopefuls are Bloodborne 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn 2. And we’ll see a good volume of third celebration things as well. Black Ops 4, Destiny 2, Death Stranding, substantially Red Dead 2.

It should be a plain show, as ever, and it starts during 6 PM PT/9 PM ET. Check behind here around afterwards when we will be starting my liveblog below, and greatfully modernise a page frequently so that we can see a newest updates, videos and photos adult top. I’ll do my best to try and keep adult with a upsurge of news.

10:11 – They are rolling aged clips so…I consider that’s it? Extremely brief uncover that also had an intermissions and…almost no tangible reveals. This was intensely un-Sony-like. we meant a good news is that what was shown looked amazing, yet flattering most no surprises other than maybe RE2, that isn’t even their game. Very strange. Anyway, interjection for reading along!


10:04 – We are relocating on to Spider-man, that might be a usually diversion shown here indeed entrance out this fall. Glad to have an extended gameplay demeanour here. we unequivocally consider this will be great. Maybe not Arkham Asylum great, yet solid. This is a usually time small lines over your conduct to prove risk in fight indeed creates clarity (Spidey sense!). The web-swinging in this looks incredible. The tract of this appears to be someone is creation super-suits for all Spider-man’s villains. we consider a sequence during a Sony uncover this year was “you contingency uncover gameplay in sequence to appear.”



10:03 – we always get Ninja Theory and Team Ninja churned up. This is Team Ninja now with…Nioh 2. Erik Kain would tell we to play a original. I’m not certain another vital chairman is going to seem on this theatre until someone comes out to close.


9:55 – Now it’s time for a new Death Stranding trailer and what appears to be tangible gameplay for a initial time. So distant it’s a lot of Norman Reedus walking around with unequivocally complicated backpacks on. There was a full physique in one. Now we’ve changed into a stage where Reedus and a lady are being stalked by an invisible handprint monster. So distant this is reduction uncanny that past trailers. Reedus has oral some-more lines here than he has in a final dual seasons of The Walking Dead. Alright I’m flattering certain a fetus powers a spook detector. Only taken me 3 years to figure that out.

Death Stranding


9:50 – Trover Saves a Universe from Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland. And now nonetheless ANOTHER Kingdom Hearts trailer, that is a third in dual days. At slightest this is a new one. Ugh since is Jack Sparrow in this. we meant we know why, yet still. Man Kingdom Hearts is only not for me. I’ve never accepted a seductiveness of this array and a positively violent storylines.


9:47 – Time for a new Resident Evil, building on a success of a final revamp. Chris Redfield is behind baby. And he’s behind Jan 25, 2019, so VERY soon.

Chris Redfield


9:45 – Time for some new IP unless this is Quantum Break 2. Which it is not. It’s called Control and entrance out in 2019. Looks like we play a lady with telekinetic powers yet also who is unequivocally good during sharpened guns. Neat trailer.



9:43 – Beautiful:

Ghost of Tsushima

9:34 – Now we are behind to a “real” show, that is Sucker Punch’s samurai game, we believe. This looks rather gorgeous, we have to say. Slo-mo samurai fight looks extraordinary in this.


9:31 – Uhhhh Destiny 2 only showed Prince Uldren prosaic out murdering Cayde-6 in a biggest Destiny tract growth ever. And it’s a teaser trailer. What on earth.

9:25 – Wow this is a genuine prolonged break. They are now display Black Ops 4 things during intermission. This is so weird. And now here’s a PSVR montage. we can’t suppose Sony is going to do this again. Total hum kill for those examination with a mangle this long, and also presumably a press shuffling around between locations.


9:21 – Here’s a footage they showed:

9:19 – Wait they’re literally doing an mangle after one game. we theory they’re relocating people out of a church? Is there a plcae for each game? This is a outrageous depart for Sony during E3. Now they’re interviewing Shawn Layden about TLOU2.

9:14 – The enemies are referring to Ellie as a “wolf,” that should seductiveness some Walking Dead fans. Ellie uses a lady as a tellurian defense to retard an arrow. This is all soooo smooth. Rehearsed, sure, yet wow. Ellie rips an arrow out of a passed physique and literally places it in her quiver. Doesn’t only magically cocktail into her inventory. Ellie’s dodging mechanics demeanour amazing. Pretty overwhelming demo all around, most as a initial one was when it initial debuted.

The Last of Us Part 2

9:08 – This explains a church. This stage in The Last of Us Part 2 is holding place in a accurate same space. Reference to Ellie’s “old man” implying Joel is alive, during slightest for now. Ellie appears to have a girlfriend. Transition from a honeyed lick into a heartless murder since of course. They’re display tangible gameplay now. Ellie has a crawl and a pistol, no messenger as of yet. Like 4 heartless murders already in about dual minutes. Absolutely no diversion does cinematic fight as good as this.

The Last of Us

9:04 – Gustavo Santaolalla is here to presumably intro The Last of Us Part 2. Someone only yelled “Freebird” during him as he plays and that chairman needs to be kicked out. The sharpened of this looks like someone filming a center propagandize play. Not Sony’s excellent prolongation value hour so far. Supposedly everybody sitting during this eventuality can’t see anything since there’s no track seating notwithstanding hundreds of people being on a floor.

9:02 – Trading a “bombardment of new creative” with deeper contention of games we’ve already seen. So uhhh a conflicting of Microsoft’s 15 universe premieres then? Still, this can meant longer looks during Last of Us 2, Red Dead, Death Stranding, etc. This is a unequivocally uncanny intro.

9:01 – This is unequivocally going to make some eremite people insane no matter what happens next. Shawn Layden only done a unequivocally good Kingsman joke. Strangest environment for an E3 uncover I’ve seen, and Bethesda did a straight-up fair final year.

8:59 – Stream is live with some arrange of unequivocally bizarre “warm up” shade with a garland of instrument-playing critters. Not utterly certain what to make of this yet fine then.

8:53 – So during slightest some partial of a PlayStation eventuality is in some arrange of makeshift, freestanding church? Genuinely can’t even suppose what privately that is meant to be teasing, yet maybe it’s some-more of a “theme” thing if they have a choir and a….games sermon? Alright we have no idea.

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