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Source: Former NBA actor Nate Robinson tries out for Seahawks

4:09 PM ET

Former NBA actor Nate Robinson had a audition Monday with a Seattle Seahawks, a joining source confirmed.

The news was progressing reported by The Washington Post.

The 5-foot-9 Robinson had been personification basketball in Israel, though he has voiced seductiveness in posterior an NFL career during a age of 32.

“I need to get a small stronger, a small faster,” Robinson told ESPN.com’s Kevin Pelton in April. “Lifting weights and examination a lot of film. Work on my feet and my hands and how to press [as a cornerback]. Basic stuff. we locate on flattering fast. Just learn some of a drills they’d have me do and start practicing and get prepared for it.

“The biggest plea is substantially all a haters, everybody counting me out, somebody not unequivocally giving me a opportunity. That’s what we consider a biggest plea will be, removing somebody to give me that chance. If somebody gives me that chance, we know they’ll tumble in adore with a extreme aspirant that we am since we locate on quick. Once we do that, afterwards a sky’s a limit. we don’t know. It seems like they wouldn’t wish me to be a initial one to do something like this. That’s a outrageous challenge.”

A Seattle local who starred in football while in high school, Robinson went to a University of Washington on a football grant before determining to concentration only on basketball.

Selected in a initial turn of a 2005 NBA draft, he played 11 seasons in a joining and won 3 impact asperse contests.

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