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SpaceX Prepares For Another Rocket Landing On West Coast

Tomorrow during 10:42 AM PST SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Jason-3 satellite into circuit from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. For many, it will be what happens after a launch that’s many important. Shortly after liftoff, SpaceX  will make another try to land a initial theatre of their Falcon 9 rocket, this time on a floating worker boat in a ocean.

Back in December, SpaceX successfully landed their Falcon9 initial theatre on a alighting pad during Cape Canaveral in Florida. It was deliberate an critical miracle in a space attention and a large step toward creation rockets reusable.



On Friday, SpaceX achieved a immobile glow exam on a recovered engines from that launch. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a information from a exam looked good, though that one of a outdoor engines showed bearing fluctuations, presumably due to waste ingestion.


For tomorrow’s launch, SpaceX will try a some-more formidable alighting on a worker boat floating in a ocean. Softly alighting an inconstant rocket is formidable adequate though carrying to navigate it to a tiny aim that can be rocked during sea turbulence.

SpaceX has unsuccessfully attempted to land their Falcon 9 initial theatre on a worker boat twice before. The initial attempt, done in Jan of 2015, unsuccessful since a upholder ran out of hydraulic liquid compulsory to approach a descent. The second attempt, done in Apr of 2015, was closer though eventually unsuccessful when a control valve stopped responding to commands seconds before touchdown.

At a press discussion on Friday, SpaceX clamp boss of goal declaration Hans Koenigsmann was asked because they motionless to switch up a alighting location. Koenigsmann remarkable that SpaceX was not given environmental capitulation to move their rocket behind to land nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base in time for launch. He said, however, that it was positively something they’d like to do in a future.

Sunday will symbol a final launch of a company’s Falcon 9 v1.1 era of boosters. SpaceX now has an upgraded chronicle of a rocket with increasing bearing capabilities that was used in a successful Dec moody from Florida.

Koenigsmann emphasized that a preference to land on a worker boat had zero to do with a capabilities of a Falcon 9 v1.1. He pronounced that they “could positively land behind on land though any issues. It’s not anything technical in this case.”

Unfortunately, live video of a alighting try is not expected to be supposing this time around. Because a alighting will be attempted out in a ocean, it will be formidable for SpaceX to say a consistent internet connection.

Of march a primary goal of this moody is not a landing, though a successful launch of a $180 million Jason-3 satellite. A NOAA and NASA project, a Jason-3 is a newest member in a array of Earth-observing satellites designed to yield worldwide observations of tellurian sea levels.

Even so, after dual unsuccessful worker boat rocket landings and one successful land-based recovery under their belt, all eyes will be on SpaceX and their worker boat Sunday morning .

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2016/01/16/spacex-prepares-for-another-rocket-landing-on-west-coast/