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SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around a Moon in 2018

Update for 4:38 p.m. EST: SpaceX will fly dual private adults on a newcomer moody around a moon in 2018 regulating a Dragon 2 upholder and a large new Falcon Heavy rocket, a company’s founder Elon Musk announced now (Feb. 27).

The dual private adults — who have not been named — approached SpaceX about a trip, according to a matter from a company. The people will be a usually organisation members on house what is approaching to be about a week-long outing around a moon, according to Musk, who spoke with reporters during a phone discussion today. The names of a dual people will be announced after tentative a outcome of initial health and aptness tests, a matter said.

The moon moody is scheduled to take place after SpaceX skeleton to fly NASA astronauts to a International Space Station as partial of a Commercial Crew Program. Here’s a demeanour during SpaceX’s Dragon organisation capsules, Falcon Heavy rockets and some-more as we finish a categorical story:

Editor’s note: This story will be updated with some-more sum from Elon Musk’s teleconference with reporters today.


Our morning preview:

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk says his private spaceflight association SpaceX will make an proclamation Monday (Feb. 27), though accurately what will be announced is a mystery. 

In a Twitter post final night, Musk offering a delicious spirit of something new entrance from SpaceX: “SpaceX proclamation tomorrow during 1 p.m. PST,” Musk wrote on Twitter. That pegs a exhibit for 4 p.m. EST (2100 GMT) if, like Space.com here, you’re in an Eastern time zone. 

An exploration to SpaceX member final night yielded small some-more than a delicious “stay tuned” response. So we’re on pins and needles watchful to hear what a private spaceflight association will be phenomenon today. Here are some possibilities that come to mind:

First Crew Dragon exam moody date (unpiloted): Earlier this month, forward of SpaceX’s initial Dragon launch from NASA’s Launch Pad 39A during a Kennedy Space Center in Floriday, association boss Gwynne Shotwell hinted that a association was aiming for a initial uncrewed launched of its Crew Dragon spacecraft near a finish of a year. Could a date be set?

Dragon spacesuits: NASA has tapped SpaceX’s Dragon upholder to fly American astronauts to and from a International Space Station, though SpaceX has not nonetheless denounced a spacesuit pattern for a seven-person space capsule. Boeing, that will also fly astronauts for NASA, unveiled a Boeing Blue spacesuit last month. During her speak with reporters during Launch Pad 39A this month, Shotwell hinted that SpaceX spacesuits would be flattering cold to see. 

Dragon final interor design: We do know that NASA astronauts have been practicing with SpaceX’s Dragon moody controls setup since NASA has posted a array of photos of a session.  

Falcon Heavy exam moody date: The Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s new heavy-lift rocket, that looks like 3 Falcon 9 boosters strapped together, is scheduled for a entrance exam moody someday this year. Could it be prepared to announce a aim date. 

Reusable rocket announcement: SpaceX has pioneered blurb reusable rocket technology and is approaching to launch a initial reused Falcon 9 rocket upholder in Mar during a blurb satellite launch. Could something else be in a works?

New launch site: SpaceX now has dual launch sites in Florida (NASA’s Launch Pad 39A and a pad underneath correct during a Cape Canaveral Air Force Station); as good as a pad during Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. But a association has also been tough during work building a possess launch site in Brownsville, Texas. Is it time for an refurbish on that new private spaceport?

Satellite fleet: SpaceX is formulation to build a constellation of 4,000 broadband satellites in a bureau in Seattle. Could that be what today’s about?

And finally…

Something about Mars: SpaceX and Mars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Musk has mostly pronounced that he wants to make a cluster on Mars possible to make amiability a two-planet species. Last year, he unveiled SpaceX’s judgment for an Interplanetary Transport System that would use a swift of hulk reusable upholder to packet colonists to Mars hundreds during a time. In a nearby term, SpaceX is also sketch adult skeleton to send an uncrewed Dragon plug to Mars in a subsequent few years. Could a new Red Planet exhibit come today? 

Those are only some of a possibilities that Elon Musk and SpaceX could betray today. What are YOU anticipating to hear from SpaceX during 4 p.m. EST (2100 GMT)? Let us know in a comments below. 

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