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SpaceX Wins $130 Million Falcon Heavy Contract to Launch Classified USAF Satellite in 2020

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SpaceX, a Elon Musk-helmed association that progressing this year saw a partially reusable Falcon Heavy strictly turn a most absolute rocket in a world, has won a initial agreement to use that complement to broach a personal payload.

Per a Verge, a Air Force announced this week a $130 million contract to broach a AFSPC-52 satellite to circuit in 2020 will go to SpaceX, violence out corner Boeing-Lockheed Martin try and solitary aspirant United Launch Alliance’s bid to use a Delta 4 rocket. According to Space News, a normal cost of a Delta 4 launch is around $350 million, that might explain because a Air Force is going for a comparatively untested Falcon Heavy—it is a ruin of a lot cheaper.


As a Verge noted, that distant reduce cost indicate substantially eased a Air Force’s preference even after SpaceX struggled to get a Falcon 9 authorized for troops use:

The eagerness of a United States Air Force (USAF) to daub a new rocket so shortly is a depart from a long routine SpaceX went by to get a Falcon 9 rocket approved for troops missions. SpaceX spent dual years, at slightest $60 million, and filed a lawsuit opposite a USAF to benefit troops acceptance for a Falcon 9. (The lawsuit was forsaken a few months before certification.)

This is a fifth goal that will be combined to a Falcon Heavy’s manifest, per CNN Money. Those embody an Air Force STP-2 proof goal and an Arabsat blurb launch both designed for someday this year, while swift operators Intelsat, Viasat and Inmarsat all have launch options they have not nonetheless committed to.


So SpaceX will expected have some time to continue operative on a Falcon Heavy before it has a possibility to launch a Air Force’s tip cargo. A lot is on a line, with Musk observant a complement cost around half a billion dollars to develop. A prior Falcon 9 goal to launch a classified, multi-billion Zuma satellite for a Air Force went wrong, with a load lost, yet successive investigations suggested that messy work from Northrop Grumman and one of a subcontractors was to blame. Two Falcon 9s have also exploded.

“SpaceX is respected by a Air Force’s preference of Falcon Heavy to launch a competitively-awarded AFSPC-52 mission,” SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell told CNN Money in a statement. “SpaceX is gratified to continue charity a American taxpayer a many cost-effective, arguable launch services for critical inhabitant confidence space missions.”

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