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Spanish examine points to wider network in attacks; American among dead

Spain was seized Friday with a fulfilment that it had incubated a large-scale militant plot, as authorities opposite Europe mounted a manhunt following a deadliest attacks to strike a republic in some-more than a decade: dual automobile assaults in Barcelona and a Catalan coastal town.

Investigators trust that during slightest 8 people plotted a attacks, putting them during a turn of sophistication allied to major strikes in Paris and Brussels in new years. Other some-more new attacks in London, Berlin and a southern French city of Nice were perpetrated by people handling mostly on their own.

Spanish counterterrorism officers were scrambling to interpretation a militant network, that concerned during slightest 4 Moroccan adults underneath age 25, according to comprehension officials. In serve to those four, authorities have incarcerated 3 Moroccan organisation and a Spaniard.

In a pointer that a conflict could have been significantly worse, military pronounced they believed a assailants were formulation to use propane and butane canisters in an bomb conflict opposite civilians. Instead, a gas lighted prematurely, destroying a residence in Alcanar, about 100 miles southwest of Barcelona that was being used by a suspects. The blast killed during slightest dual people and harmed 16, including military officers and firefighters questioning a site.

Hours later, military said, one of a suspects set out for a touristy Las Ramblas area of Barcelona in a white smoothness van, that he used to reap down pedestrians strolling along a tree-lined promenade.

What we know about a outpost conflict in Barcelona View Graphic What we know about a outpost conflict in Barcelona

As of Friday evening, a predestine of a categorical think — a motorist of a van, who fled on feet after a uproar — was unclear. Police were questioning a probability that he was among 5 assailants killed early Friday in a second automobile conflict in Cambrils, a strand city about 70 miles southwest of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the republic began to weep a general organisation of 13 victims — including during slightest one American — who were fatally struck in a heart of Barcelona’s tourist district late Thursday afternoon. A 14th plant was killed in a second ramming attack.

The destruction stirred France to announce it was reinforcing a limit with Spain, a pointer of fears that serve assault could brief over Spanish borders. Anti-immigrant Central European leaders seized on a suspects’ nationalities to call for tighter controls on migration.

In Washington, a State Department pronounced Friday that an American was among those killed in Barcelona. The dialect also pronounced Spanish authorities still have not identified all of a casualties, so a U.S. Consulate in Barcelona is operative with them to establish either any some-more Americans were killed or injured.

In Finland, dual people were killed and 6 others bleeding in a stabbing Friday in a southwestern city of Turku, military said. They pronounced a occurrence was not being investigated as terrorism, nonetheless a ground and temperament of a suspect, who was apprehended, were not immediately clear, and Finnish comprehension services assimilated a investigation.

The Islamic State claimed that a “soldiers” carried out a Barcelona attack, yet a turn of tangible impasse by a militant organisation was unclear.

Spanish comprehension officials were present during slightest 4 names among their European counterparts on Friday, according to a Spanish comprehension central and a European comprehension official, both of whom spoke on condition of anonymity to plead a situation.

The 4 men, all holding Moroccan citizenship, ranged in age from 17 to 24. Three were innate in a North African country: Said Aallaa, 18; Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22; and Mohamed Hychami, 24. The fourth was identified in a Spanish military request as Moussa Oukabir, 17, yet a European comprehension central pronounced Spanish officials had flagged someone with a same family name yet a opposite initial name. All lived in or nearby a Catalan city of Ripoll, tighten to a French border.

At slightest 3 of a organisation were killed in a conflict in Cambrils, a Spanish comprehension central said, though identifying that of them were dead.

Two Spanish confidence officials pronounced military creatively sought Oukabir’s comparison hermit given his temperament label was found in a lorry used for a conflict in Barcelona. The comparison brother, who is now in custody, denies any tie to a conflict and pronounced his hermit might have stolen his temperament card, a central said.

“We can't order out serve attacks,” Maj. Josep Lluis Trapero, a Catalan military official, told reporters in Barcelona.

Authorities were not wakeful of any prior tie to extremism among a incarcerated men, he said.

All 5 organisation concerned in a second conflict in Cambrils were shot passed after plowing their Audi into people along a corniche during about 1 a.m., Trapero said.

The nationality of a organisation was certain to lift alarm in European counterterrorism circles. Moroccan networks were also connected to vital militant attacks in France and Belgium in new years. Spain has a poignant Moroccan population, and there has been a spike in arrivals of migrants from Morocco by sea this year.

Their credentials also stirred Europe’s anti-migrant politicians to reject what they pronounced was a tie between emigration and terrorism, even yet there was no justification that a organisation were partial of a waves of emigration from Africa and a Middle East in new years.

“It is clear to everybody that there is a association between bootleg immigration and terrorism,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told his country’s MTI news agency. “Europe contingency strengthen itself, and a confidence of a people contingency be guaranteed.”

In Barcelona, thousands of people collected during midday Friday in a block during a tip of Las Ramblas for a notation of silence, led by Spanish King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Afterward, they cheered, hold singular red roses to a sky and chanted in Catalan: “I am not afraid.”

The whole Las Ramblas area was eerily still in a morning as heavily armed military patrolled on Friday.

Later in a day, tourists and onlookers filled a prolonged boulevard, branch what is usually a vacation prohibited mark into a site of mourning. Some set out candles to commemorate a victims. 

Less than 24 hours after a conflict — and before many sum were reliable — a extreme discuss erupted in Barcelona over a definition of what had happened. Demonstrations materialized Friday dusk over a place of Islam in Europe. A tiny organisation of far-right demonstrators collected in Barcelona’s categorical block to criticism what they called a “Islamicization of Europe.” They were met by thousands of counterprotesters who decried Islamophobia, waved rainbow flags and shouted slogans such as “Barcelona! Anti-fascist!”

In a array of tweets, President Trump pronounced U.S. agencies were “on alert” and charged that justice hurdles and antithesis from Democrats have done confidence “very difficult.” He gave no specifics.

“Radical Islamic Terrorism contingency be stopped by whatever means necessary!” Trump wrote. “The courts contingency give us behind a protecting rights. Have to be tough!”

The attacks on Thursday and Friday noted a latest uses of vehicles in militant strikes opposite civilians, following attacks given a center of 2016 in Britain, France, Germany and Sweden.


Spain’s polite insurance organisation pronounced 120 people were harmed in a conflict in Barcelona, and an additional 6 in Cambrils. There were casualties among people of during slightest 34 nationalities, underscoring a general pull of a worldly Las Ramblas area, that has prolonged stood during a heart of a city. France’s Foreign Ministry pronounced 26 of a adults were injured, 11 of them seriously.


Residents of Barcelona pronounced they had prolonged feared an conflict on their bustling city.

“This is a outrageous city, and somehow we were always awaiting something like this, yet of march you’re never prepared,” pronounced Cristina Nadal, 44, an help for a Catalan government, who came to a impulse of overpower on Friday.

The throng was “exactly what we wanted to uncover — that nonetheless a terrorists wish to kick us, we can uncover to a universe that we can still mount strong,” she said.

Two longtime Muslim residents of Barcelona pronounced they were mad about a violence.

“What Islam teaches us is that murdering one chairman is like murdering all of humanity,” pronounced Nagma Jawed, 40, who changed to a city 20 years ago from her local India and runs a weave emporium in a city.

“First of all, we are tellurian beings. Our sacrament comes after that,” pronounced Jawed, who was wearing a headscarf on Friday as she stood in a block with her father for a anguish ceremony.

Birnbaum reported from Brussels and Mekhennet reported from Frankfurt, Germany. William Booth and Raúl Gallego Abellan in Barcelona, Paul Schemm in Addis Ababa, Ethi­o­pia, and Brian Murphy in Washington contributed to this report.

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/barcelona-reels-under-coordinated-attacks-that-claim-more-than-a-dozen-lives/2017/08/18/55ad9554-8383-11e7-9e7a-20fa8d7a0db6_story.html


Spanish examine points to wider network in attacks; American among dead