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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’: Top 5 Moments From a Movie

The Force Awakens” epoch is here and millions of fans are prepared to line adult and see a new “Star Wars” film this weekend.

The film is packaged with movement and interesting, new characters, while also not holding itself too seriously. Expect some-more smart amusement than we are used to from a universe far, distant away.

Without giving too most away, here are a tip 5 moments and battles from a stirring movie! Obviously, there will be some epic twists and reveals in this movie, that will not be in this story.

There will be no vital tract twists or reveals here, only a demeanour into a 5 highlights that will have your heart violence out of your chest.


1 – The Opening Scene

The initial stage shows only how cruel a First Order, that rose from a remains of a Empire, is in this movie. It also facilities some of a new names in “The Force Awakens,” including Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, who positively shines when he’s on-screen.

Isaac is both smart and funny, while also being a pivotal item for a Resistance throughout.

After watchful some-more than a decade for a new “Star Wars” movie, a opening hits we tough and unequivocally sets adult mixed storylines that will be applicable via a film.

2 – Return of a Millennium Falcon

Great to see a aged lady behind in action. The Falcon takes a sky again during a unequivocally heated stage and is indeed piloted by someone new during first! (Don’t worry, Han and Chewy aren’t left out of all a action.)

The best tools are a out-of-date dog fights a Falcon gets into with some First Order Tie fighters. The outcome is an action-packed shot, with an loyalty to a classical films.

3 – Meet Supreme Leader Snoke

Up until this point, we hadn’t seen or listened too most about Andy Serkis’ character. But when we initial get to accommodate him, he’s intimidating to contend a least. You have to see it for yourself, though a impression is so puzzling and powerful, it leaves we wanting to know some-more about him. He’s also a opposite character, looks-wise, than we’ve seen in “Star Wars” to this point.

4 – Rey Takes on Kylo

Harrison Ford spilled a beans about this conflict during a Twitter discuss final week, though we had no thought how good this would be. It’s extraordinary and to see Rey, a scavenger, warn everybody and quarrel a personality of a Knights of Ren. You have to see this to trust it.

Ford pronounced it himself, “Fantastic visible storytelling.”

You unequivocally get to know these characters during this stage and a behind and onward is incredible. It’s going to be one “Star Wars” fans will be articulate about for years to come!

PHOTO: A stage from a new trailer Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas Films
A stage from a new trailer “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

PHOTO: Adam Driver plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.David James/Lucasfilm
Adam Driver plays “Kylo Ren” in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

5 – The Final Scene

Much has been pronounced about a final scene. We won’t tell we what it is, only that it’s as cloying as it gets for “Star Wars” fans. The shot is monumental and it says so most but observant a whole lot.

Actor Patton Oswalt pronounced it well, “And but spoiling it, we can contend that #StarWarsForceAwakens has a BEST final shot of any Star Wars film. Wow.”

After a roller-coaster of a disturb float for some-more than dual hours, this stage is ideally placed.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is constructed by Lucasfilm, a auxiliary of Disney, that is a primogenitor association of ABC News.

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