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Steve Bannon and a Fugitive Billionaire Target a Common Enemy: China

The project, he says, is unchanging with his populist and jingoist agenda. China’s forward behavior, he contended, is endangering a tellurian economy, and sapping America’s strength.

“As a populist, this is outrageous,” Mr. Bannon said, observant that American financial institutions have helped behind a worrisome tellurian shopping sprees of Chinese companies, with money lifted from typical people, including supervision grant funds. “The elites in this nation have to be hold accountable. We have to get a contribution on a table.”

Mr. Guo, 50, insists that a account offers a approach to strike behind during Beijing. China has pulpy a Trump administration to extradite him so that he can face a raft of charges in China — allegations he strongly denies. Billions of dollars in resources he tranquil have been solidified by Beijing. And Interpol, a tellurian troops organization, has released a aver seeking his arrest. He now travels with a phalanx of confidence guards, observant he fears for his life.

The Chinese Embassy could not be reached for comment. But a Guo-Bannon fondness has dumbfounded some analysts, who perspective a dual group as purveyors of swindling theories fueling anti-China sentiment.

“The problem with these forms of reckless, loose-cannon accusations is that they criticise a ability of obliged analysts and policymakers to brand a genuine cases of Chinese indiscretion and conform picturesque and effective process responses,” pronounced Michael D. Swaine, a comparison associate during a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

For Mr. Bannon, a new bid plays to a longstanding and difficult seductiveness in China. As a immature naval officer in a 1970s, he patrolled a South China Sea. He also lived for a time in Shanghai, where he ran a tiny online gaming company. In new years, he has come to perspective China as a troops hazard to a United States, and a extreme mercantile opposition that refuses to play by a rules.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/04/business/stephen-bannon-guo-wengui-china.html