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Super Bowl 2018: we explored Mall of America so we don’t have to – and now I’m never leaving

By Nick O’Malley | nomalley@masslive.com

The Mall of America is an unfit bulwark of capitalism forged into a cold, tough bedrock of a solidified north.

By any clarity of a imagination, it should be essentially populated by Vikings who have a side gig operative during Jamba Juice. Instead, it’s a legitimately fascinating blurb marvel staffed by good-natured midwesterners.

At one point, we ducked into a Nike store for reduction than a minute. During that time, 4 people greeted me and asked how we was doing. A fifth wished me a good day as we attempted to sensitively prowl out but shopping anything and staring during a belligerent — given that’s what people in Massachusetts do.

When we left a mall after that night, it was 20 degrees and snowing with a clever wind. People in a place this cold have no business being this nice. It’s weird. we skip being surrounded by sullen New Englanders.

Yet, here we am for a rest of this week as MassLive prepares for a Super Bowl coverage. Initially, we didn’t consider I’d unequivocally get a possibility to revisit Mall of America given we’re customarily a small brief on personal time during work trips.

Oh no. That’s not how things went during all. It turns out that many of a media activity is handling out of this hulk formidable of stores, atriums and mini-golf courses — including interviews with New England Patriots players.

So yeah, it turns out that we only live in Mall of America now. we spent about 16 hours there on Tuesday.

So, acquire to my house. It’s a mall, it’s smashing and I’m never leaving.

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