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Super Bowl LI analysis: Patriots kick Falcons 34-28 in first-ever Super Bowl OT

OVERTIME: Patriots 34, Falcons 28

Fun fact: Tom Brady, with a Super Bowl record 466 flitting yards, becomes a initial quarterback to win a diversion 5 times. New England’s Bill Belichick is a initial conduct manager with 5 Super Sunday victories.

PATRIOTS’ 13TH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): Taking advantage of what looked like an spent Atlanta defense, Tom Brady marched New England down a domain on a opening possession of a Super Bowl’s first-ever overtime, completing 5 of 6 passes for 50 yards and removing assistance with a pass division dwindle opposite TE Martellus Bennett nearby a Atlanta idea line. James White capped a quip with a 2-yard TD run to give New England a fifth Lombardi Trophy.

END OF FOURTH QUARTER: Falcons 28, Patriots 28

PATRIOTS’ 12TH DRIVE (end of regulation): Dion Lewis rolled his ankle on a feign that picked adult 13 yards as a time expired.

FALCONS’ 10TH DRIVE (punt): Unable to pattern anything, a Falcons are forced to punt as Super Bowl LI rolls into a initial overtime in a story of a game.

PATRIOTS’ 11TH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): New England finally has a unimaginable Super Bowl locate to call a possess with Julian Edelman’s fantastic trap of a deflected Tom Brady chuck usually centimeters off a belligerent for 23 yards to a Falcons’ 41-yard line. Brady followed that adult with a 20-yard strike to Danny Amendola, who was tarnishing opposite a center as a diversion strike a two-minute warning. Three plays later, RB James White crashed opposite a idea line from 1 yard divided for a TD. Brady afterwards strike Amendola for a game-tying two-point conversion.

Fun fact: Brady’s 416 flitting yards mangle Kurt Warner’s 17-year-old Super Bowl record (414).

FALCONS’ NINTH DRIVE (punt): Matt Ryan’s dumpoff to Devonta Freeman to start a expostulate goes for 39 yards, a game’s longest play from scrimmage. Two plays later, Ryan strike Julio Jones for 27 yards on a form of fantastic sideline, toe daub play a Patriots typically humour in a Super Bowl. But a fifth pouch of Ryan and a holding chastisement on LT Jake Matthews knocks Atlanta out of field-goal range, potentially a vicious lapse.

PATRIOTS’ 10TH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): New England takes advantage of Atlanta’s miscue — notwithstanding giving adult a season-worst fifth pouch of Tom Brady along a way — and lift within one measure on Brady’s 6-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola and a successful two-point try on one of Brady’s law “Statue of Liberty” fakes.

FALCONS’ EIGHTH DRIVE (FUMBLE): Disastrous method for Atlanta. Matt Ryan fumbles after being sacked by LB Dont’a Hightower, and a Patriots take over during Atlanta’s 25. It was a Falcons’ first turnover in 3 playoff games. RB Tevin Coleman has also left a domain with an apparent ankle injury.

PATRIOTS’ NINTH DRIVE (FIELD GOAL): Stephen Gostkowski’s 33-yard domain idea brings New England within 16 points — or dual possessions.

Fun fact: The 4 sacks of Tom Brady compare a season-worst for a quarterback, who’s been bagged 3 times by Falcons DT Grady Jarrett, son of franchise rebellious personality Jessie Tuggle. Jarrett’s 3 sacks tie a Super Bowl record for one game.

Fun fact: During their six-game winning streak, a Falcons’ normal domain of feat has been 19.7 points.

FALCONS’ SEVENTH DRIVE (punt): Atlanta fails to benefit on New England’s unsuccessful on-side flog and indeed loses 10 yards after holding possession during a Patriots’ 41-yard line. Worse, a Falcons aren’t doing a good pursuit of draining a clock, nonetheless round control drives have not been a bread and butter of an offense that erupted for 540 points in a unchanging season.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Falcons 28, Patriots 9

PATRIOTS’ EIGHTH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): New England finally finds a finish zone, pleasantness of a 5-yard Tom Brady TD pass to RB James White. But a necessity stays 19 after K Stephen Gostkowski misses his fifth PAT of a season, and a Patriots used a lot of time (6:25), something they can ill means to do during this point.

FALCONS’ SIXTH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): Atlanta WR Taylor Gabriel some-more than compensates for his dump on a prior drive, throwing dual passes for 52 yards, one a 35-yard execution from Matt Ryan to get a Falcons low into New England territory. Gabriel also drew a drive-extending pass division chastisement from Super Bowl XLIX favourite Malcolm Butler. On a subsequent play, RB Tevin Coleman, showcasing his game-breaking speed, finishes off a expostulate by collecting a pass in a prosaic and branch it into a 9-yard TD.

PATRIOTS’ SEVENTH DRIVE (punt): AFC Championship Game favourite Chris Hogan drops a pass on what would have been a large gainer, afterwards Julian Edelman does a same as New England goes three-and-out for a third time. The Falcons invulnerability reminds one of Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts — not good statistically, nonetheless rarely effective when staked to a lead … and afterwards there’s that Dwight Freeney common denominator.

Fun fact: The Falcons punted a league-low 48 times this season, or 3 per game. Matt Bosher has already strike that normal tonight.

FALCONS’ FIFTH DRIVE (punt): Not how Atlanta wanted to start a second half as Matt Ryan’s third-down pass bounces off WR Taylor Gabriel’s chest, forcing a punt. But some decay could be approaching after a Falcons offense waited some-more than an hour between possessions.

Fun fact: Matt Ryan has a 158.3 QB rating during halftime — perfect. Elite adequate from a 2016 MVP?

Fun fact: Tom Brady has a 65.3 QB rating during halftime — his lowest in a Super Bowl is 82.5, New England’s Super Bowl XLII detriment to a Giants.


For a Patriots (by Lorenzo Reyes)

— The Falcons clearly have a speed to kick New England to a corner in a rushing game, and their play preference is reflecting that. Pats have to set a corner and not let Devonta Freeman and/or Tevin Coleman get into a open field. Atlanta has 86 rushing yards during a half.

— Atlanta might have taken a tip from a Houston Texans, who pressured Brady by a center of New England’s descent line. The Patriots need to do a improved pursuit of crude Atlanta’s pass rush, that has used stunts and has rushed essentially 3 and 4 defenders.

— The Patriots are personification right into Atlanta’s hands with their offense’s discerning tempo. New England needs some-more from a rushing diversion to delayed a diversion down. Fourteen carries for usually 35 yards usually isn’t going to do it, nonetheless an 18-point necessity might not give them many of a possibility to find descent change during this point.

For a Falcons (by Lindsay H. Jones)

— It took until a second entertain for Atlanta to get star receiver Julio Jones involved. But once he held his initial pass, it altered a whole offense. If Jones can continue to kick a Patriots’ attempts during double coverage, Matt Ryan and Co. should find copiousness of other mismatches.

— The Falcons had dual first-half sacks and regularly pressured and strike quarterback Tom Brady, that got a Patriots offense out of stroke and forced deficient passes. Atlanta needs to continue to move that pressure, both adult a tummy from linemen like Grady Jarrett, and with artistic shell packages.

— The Falcons have built one of a fastest teams in a NFL, and they need to keep regulating that advantage in a second half, generally with mismatches rapid rookie linebacker Deion Jones can emanate in a center of a field. He had 5 tackles, one forced fail and one pass mangle adult in a initial half.

END OF SECOND QUARTER: Falcons 21, Patriots 3

PATRIOTS’ SIXTH DRIVE (FIELD GOAL): The AFC champs deliver some points and equivocate a first-half shutout on Stephen Gostkowski’s 41-yard domain goal, his 21st in a row. However Tom Brady is holding a violence and starting to skip open receivers even nonetheless a Falcons still continue to mostly rush usually 4 and eschew a blitz. Atlanta will take possession to start a third quarter.

Fun fact: The Pats have never trailed by 14, many reduction 21, points in a Super Bowl, and no group has ever overcome a necessity of some-more than 10 points. New England’s normal domain of feat in a 4 Super Bowl wins is usually 3.3 points.

Fun fact: Teams that lapse an INT for a measure are 12-0 in a Super Bowl, per NFL research.

PATRIOTS’ FIFTH DRIVE (PICK SIX): On a expostulate extended 3 times by defensive holding on third downs, a Falcons belatedly strike again when CB Robert Alford swipes a Tom Brady pass and earnings it 82 yards for a TD. Atlanta now has 14 points off dual New England giveaways.

FALCONS’ FOURTH DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): Atlanta’s now dictating a dash with rookie TE Austin Hooper snaring a 19-yard TD pass from Ryan, who’s 7-for-8 for 115 yards. Julio Jones, who finished another 18-yard locate on a five-play, 62-yard expostulate is carrying a extensive impact on a game — either it’s his possess gains, room combined for a regulating diversion or singular coverage for associate pass catchers like Hooper. The Patriots might now have to go entirely one-dimensional, that was lethal opposite Atlanta’s initial dual playoff conquests, a challenging Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.

PATRIOTS’ FOURTH DRIVE (punt): Another impotent expostulate for New England, that goes three-and-out for a second time. The Falcons forsaken 8 into coverage on third down, and it worked. With usually 20 yards rushing, a Patriots aren’t removing it finished on a ground.

FALCONS’ THIRD DRIVE (TOUCHDOWN): Atlanta capitalizes on a turnover. All-pro WR Julio Jones picks adult 42 yards on his initial dual targets of a diversion (both catches), while Devonta Freeman continues to run by New England’s third-ranked run defense, capping a 71-yard, 5 play expostulate with a 5-yard scoring run. Freeman already has 71 yards on 6 carries. The final time a Patriots authorised a behind to rush for 100 yards was Denver’s C.J. Anderson in Week 12 of a 2015 season, a diversion a Brock Osweiler-led Broncos won in overtime.

PATRIOTS’ THIRD DRIVE (fumble): A LeGarrette Blount kills a earnest expostulate that saw Tom Brady and Julian Edelman offshoot adult twice for 40 yards. The Patriots had not committed a turnovers in 6 of their prior 8 games, and this kind of movement torpedo is always dangerous opposite such uniformly matched teams. Atlanta and New England tied for a fewest giveaways (11) in a unchanging season.

Fun fact: The final time a Patriots played a Super Bowl in Houston’s NRG stadium, following a 2003 season, a initial entertain opposite a Carolina Panthers finished in a scoreless tie. The teams afterwards went on to mix for 24 points in a second quarter.

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Patriots 0, Falcons 0

FALCONS’ SECOND DRIVE (punt): That’s 3 drives in a quarrel finished by sacks. Atlanta is regulating a round fantastically (56 yards on 5 attempts), nonetheless Matt Ryan has nonetheless to finish a pass to Julio Jones or any of his receivers. Still, if a Falcons continue to benefit yards in chunks, New England might to put another male in a box.

PATRIOTS’ SECOND DRIVE (punt): What began as a earnest expostulate ends with uninterrupted sacks of Tom Brady (who was sacked 15 times in a unchanging season) by a Atlanta invulnerability in what’s moulding adult as an early conflict of domain posession. RB James White appears to be an critical partial of a diversion devise after mostly holding a behind chair to LeGarrette Blount and Dion Lewis in new weeks. But Brady is holding a small longer to recover a round than normal opposite a really rapid invulnerability that is covering morally so far.

FALCONS’ FIRST DRIVE (punt): Trey Flowers, New England’s heading pouch man, snuffs Atlanta’s initial possession with a pouch of Matt Ryan. The Falcons had scored a touchdown on their opening possession in a final 8 games. The final time they didn’t strech a finish section on their initial expostulate was Nov. 13 in Philadelphia, a diversion a Falcons mislaid 24-15. Still, Devonta Freeman’s 37-yard run is a pointer there will be plenty room to work if a Patriots are overly focused on Julio Jones.

PATRIOTS’ FIRST DRIVE (punt): New England starts a diversion with a three-and-out as RB LeGarrette Blount can’t collect adult a initial on third-and-1. Failed to event to settle dash with league’s best offense now holding possession.


The New England Patriots are in their record ninth Super Bowl. A win Sunday would make Tom Brady a initial quarterback with 5 rings (breaking a tie with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana), and Bill Belichick would transcend Chuck Noll as a initial conduct manager to win a diversion 5 times.

Meanwhile, a Atlanta Falcons are perplexing to win a initial championship of their 51-season history. To do it, newly minted MVP Matt Ryan contingency turn a initial actor to win a hardware and a Super Bowl in a same deteriorate given Kurt Warner did it in 1999 (MVPs are 0-7 in Super Bowls since).

Fun stats

— The Falcons are usually 4-4 this deteriorate when WR Julio Jones exceeds 100 receiving yards.
— The Falcons are 8-2 in their red jerseys this season.
— The Falcons have scored a TD on a opening expostulate of their past 8 games.

— The Patriots are 17-0 when RB Dion Lewis plays (both his 2015 and 2016 seasons were interrupted by an ACL injury).
— The Patriots will wear white jerseys today. Teams in white  have won 11 of a final 12 Super Bowls.
— The Patriots have 11 fumbles on kick/punt earnings this season, a many of any group given 2006.

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