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Survey: Few teenagers use amicable media to speak about politics

Less than 10 percent of teenagers in a United States pronounced they post about their domestic beliefs on amicable media, according to a survey published Wednesday.

The Pew Research Center check of Americans age 13 to 17 found that around 9 percent of teenagers pronounced they post about their domestic beliefs. Instead, they are far some-more likely to post about their accomplishments (49 percent), family (44 percent), emotions (34 percent) and dating (22 percent).

When damaged down by age and gender, comparison teenage girls are many expected to discuss their domestic beliefs online, with 16 percent of those ages 15 to 17 observant they post about politics. Only 4 percent of boys in a same age organisation pronounced they speak politics online.

The gender dynamics are reversed among 13- and 14-year-olds, with 11 percent of boys observant they are some-more expected to post about politics and 8 percent of girls observant a same.

Pew surveyed 743 teenagers from March 7 to Apr 10. The domain of blunder is and or reduction 5 commission points.

A infancy of teenagers altogether said social media exposes them to opposite points of perspective and allows them to uncover support for causes.

The formula offer discernment into the technology habits of the average teenager as immature people make headlines for pushing amicable change by amicable media–savvy campaigns opposite gun assault and in preference of progressive policies.

Some of the survivors of a Parkland, Fla., shooting, including David Hogg and Emma González, are famous for their active amicable media accounts, on that they post frequently about politics. Their accounts have racked adult hundreds of thousands of followers.

Overall, teenagers surveyed by Pew pronounced they trust amicable media is a certain change in their lives that creates them feel some-more enclosed and confident.

Article source: https://thehill.com/policy/technology/418942-survey-few-teens-use-social-media-to-talk-about-politics