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Suspects in Internet adore scams arrested in Malaysia

SINGAPORE: Nineteen people believed to have cheated people in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong of some-more than S$19 million by Internet adore scams have been arrested.

Law coercion units from a 3 countries embarked on a corner operation in Malaysia from Oct 19 to 21 and nabbed 15 Malaysian women and a Malaysian man, dual Nigerian group and a lady from China, military pronounced on Monday (Oct 22).

The suspects, aged between 29 and 60, are believed to be concerned in during slightest 146 cases of Internet adore scams.

In Singapore, dual Malaysian women aged 40 and 48 are aiding with investigations as they are believed to have helped transfer rapist deduction related to the scams.   

Several mobile phones, laptops and ATM cards were also seized in a operation.

Eight Internet adore fraud cases reported in Singapore, involving during slightest S$450,000, have been solved as a outcome of a corner operation.

Police pronounced that officers from a Singapore Police Force, the Royal Malaysia Police and a Hong Kong Police Force have been pity information on Internet adore scams given early 2018. 

Director of a Commercial Affairs Department of Singapore’s military force, David Chew, thanked his counterparts from Malaysia and Hong Kong for their “strong support” in fighting transboundary online crime.

He added: “The fact that victims in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore fell chase to a same scammers shows that a rapist networks behind a scams are worldly and transnational. To tackle these syndicates, general team-work among law coercion agencies is intensely critical.”

Article source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/suspects-in-internet-love-scams-arrested-in-malaysia-10853218