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Takeaways: Texans tip Bengals in Watson’s initial start

So many of a best moments in Houston Texans authorization story have comes opposite a Cincinnati Bengals. Add quarterback Deshaun Watson’s initial NFL feat to a list.

Watson rushed for a 49-yard touchdown in a initial half and helped a sign the team’s 13-9 victory with a clock-chewing field-goal expostulate in a fourth quarter. The Texans’ offense was frequency pretty, though avoiding an 0-2 start is a pleasing thing for a group that has been by so most over a final 3 weeks given Hurricane Harvey strike Houston. Here’s what we schooled Thursday night:

1. Texans manager Bill O’Brien called a really regressive game, generally after Watson scarcely threw a few interceptions early. But Watson’s ability to improvise on a Madden ’17-like third-and-long scurry late in a second entertain reminded everybody since he played over Week 1 starter Tom Savage. While a speed of a diversion looked too quick for Watson for most of a diversion — he averaged fewer than 5 yards per try on 24 throws — it was considerable that Watson saved his best for last: A 13-play expostulate in a fourth entertain that took adult some-more than 6 mins to give a Texans some respirating room.

“It’s a dream come true. It’s what I’ve been watchful for my whole life,” Watson told sideline contributor Heather Cox after a game, before certainly embarking on a query to applaud his 22nd birthday in style.

2. Let’s be clear: Watson was sincerely low on a list of reasons a Texans won this game. Texans defensive finish J.J. Watt finished a diversion with an fatiguing tackle during Cincinnati’s final play, a wise end to a diversion where Watt threw his flesh around. After not utterly looking like himself in his initial diversion behind from behind medicine in a deteriorate opener, Watt disrupted a Bengals’ offense consistently in both a using diversion and when Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton went behind to pass.

3. Dalton has gifted a nightmarish dual games to start a season. He missed a handful of open throws via a night and seemed roughly too discreet after throwing 4 interceptions in Week 1. His final dual throws on Cincinnati’s final loyal expostulate were telling. He threw a round divided on third-and-4 rather than give his receiver a chance. Then Dalton overshot his dictated aim Alex Erickson on a wilful fourth down, again not permitting his wideout to even contest for a ball.

This is a historically bad start for a Bengals’ offense. The group has scored 9 points in a initial dual games, a fewest given a 2009 Rams. The Bengals are a initial group given a 1939 Eagles to play their initial dual games of a deteriorate during home and measure 0 touchdowns in both games. Starting a deteriorate 0-2 during home is a heartless hole to stand out of and a report doesn’t get any easier with a outing to Green Bay in Week 3.

4. No, Bengals manager Marvin Lewis is not meditative of changing quarterbacks. He reliable after a diversion Dalton’s pursuit is secure.

“I don’t consider he’s taken a step back,” Lewis said. “I consider we have to continue to let Andy do his thing.”

5. The low Bengals offense busted a superb bid by Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who was a best actor on a field. The Texans shored adult some of their insurance problems on a corner with additional linemen, though there was no interlude Atkins bum-rushing by a interior on a approach to dual sacks, 3 quarterback hits and dual tackles for loss. It’s conspicuous that a Bengals invulnerability has hold a opponents underneath 300 yards dual true weeks and don’t have a win to uncover for it.

6. Dalton’s night was quite unsatisfactory since a Texans’ delegate was vulnerable. Houston mislaid both starting cornerbacks, Johnathan Joseph and Kevin Johnson, to injuries in a game. Yet Dalton couldn’t take advantage, struggling to find a unchanging delegate receiver behind A.J. Green.

7. The Bengals’ using behind use continues to be mystifying. The group usually committed to removing rookie Joe Mixon on a margin when they positively indispensable to late in a game. He looked like a team’s best pristine runner, though it was too late to make an impact. Giovani Bernard has dominated a snaps and contributed to a Bengals not converting in short-yardage situations.

8. This will be a good training knowledge for Watson. The Bengals’ invulnerability dared him to change a play and chuck on a few brief third downs and Watson didn’t make them pay. The flitting conflict should usually open adult from here. In a meantime, O’Brien will continue to try to win nauseous games in this suddenly defense-dominated NFL.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so astounded during a result. The Texans kick a Bengals for both of their initial dual playoff victories in authorization history, afterwards kick Cincinnati on Christmas Eve final year to bind a AFC South title. They can usually wish that this is a initial win in a career where Watson creates everybody forget about O’Brien’s Wheel-O-Quarterbacks.

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