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Tashara Travels:The Waco Takeover

WACO, Texas – It’s not Houston, Dallas or even Austin, though it’s a abounding Texas city and millions of tourists are flocking to a area.

Waco is home to several museums and attractions and was recently voted as a tip trending end in Texas by Trip Advisor.


The doubt we all wish answered – given are so many people vehement to revisit Waco?

Let’s start with a Magnolia Market.

“People are entrance in droves from all 50 states, from other nations,” pronounced Carla Pendergraft, Director of Marketing for a Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau. “People in Australia adore Fixer Upper and they wish to see Chip and Joanna’s city given they uncover it in a many pleasing light, a Waco that we all know and love.”          

The Magnolia Market during a Silos – now deliberate a must-see end in Waco was started by Chip and Joanna Gaines, a stars of “Fixer Upper,” one of HGTV’s many watched home alleviation shows given 2013.           

While a Magnolia Market has been a vital pull for millions of tourists, it isn’t a usually reason people are creation a outing to Central Texas.

Take for instance a Cameron Park Zoo, home to some-more than 2000 animals and over 200 species.   

It’s a real-life journey on 52-acres in Waco along a Brazos River.

“I consider mostly given of a distance and families feel unequivocally protected here, pronounced Duane McGregor, Marketing Director during a Cameron Park Zoo. “We are in a healthy environment and all a exhibits were built from a belligerent and are natural.”

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame is another dark gem.

The chronological museum has welcomed some-more than 4 million visitors by a doors.           

While walking down a halls of a museum, we can see a oldest Texas ranger badge and many other dark treasures via a facility.

“I know a lot of a visitors unequivocally adore saying Clayton Moore’s ‘Lone Ranger’ mask,” pronounced Christine Rothenbush, a Marketing and Development Coordinator during a Texas Ranger Museum. “It’s one of a handful of masks that have survived from a prolongation and so they unequivocally get a flog out of that.”

Waco is also a home of Dr Pepper.           

“Dr Pepper was invented in Waco,” pronounced Mary Beth Farrell, Communications Manager during a Dr Pepper Museum in Waco. “Other than Magnolia, that’s a large pull here now, we are one of a singular things about Waco.”

The soothing splash was created, made and sole commencement in 1885 in a tiny town.

Waco is also home to several other museums, including a Texas Sports Hall of Fame and a Mayborn Museum on Baylor University’s campus.

It facilities healthy scholarship and informative story displays focusing on Central Texas.

If you’d like to learn some-more about possibly place, click a particular links above or strech out to a Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau.           

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