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Ted Cruz Thinks He’s Going To Beat Beto O’Rourke (HBO)

Columbus, Texas — Senator Ted Cruz is not presumption anything in his debate for re-election. He’s a renouned politician in a state that hasn’t sent a Democrat to a parliament in 25 years. But polls uncover him in a surprisingly parsimonious competition with a young, telegenic pretender Beto O’Rourke, who’s perplexed magnanimous crowds in Texas, and luminary endorsements opposite a nation.

That’s because Cruz was here on Saturday, during an insinuate entertainment in a low red city median between Houston and San Antonio: to convene a true behind to his cause.

“The risk is that a economy is booming, people are focused on their jobs and their kids, going to church, going to a ballgame, and they only don’t make it out to vote,” Cruz told a crowd. “Our risk is complacency.”

Cruz leads O’Rourke by 4 commission points, according to a Real Clear Politics average. But he faces some-more than only a informed incumbents’ antithesis that when things are good, parties in appetite have a tough time mobilizing voters.

The bigger worry is voter overconfidence. According to inner Republican National Committee information reported by Axios, a Republican true are scarcely defence to reports display that Democratic possibilities are on a rise. One new RNC consult found that 57% of clever Trump supporters don’t trust that Democrats will retake a House.

“To me, a polls that we’re saying right now are eerily identical to a Trump-Clinton polls that we saw going adult to a election,” pronounced Tom Kelley, a GOP chair for Colorado County, during Cruz’s stop in Columbus. “It’s all hype and hyperbole.”

That’s because Cruz can’t simply omit a outrageous crowds being drawn out by his opponent.

“We’re going to win this race,” Cruz told VICE News. “I feel unequivocally good about where we are. But a reason we’re going to win it is we’re not holding anything for granted. It is transparent there are a lot of folks on a distant left who are unequivocally indignant and that annoy — it’s a motivator. It is bringing dollars, it’s bringing passion, it’s bringing energy. And we have to take it seriously.”

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