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Telecoms announce iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pricing and plans

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are due in stores shortly. Photo: Bloomberg

Australia’s mobile phone retailers have announced pre-orders, cost skeleton and perks for a latest Apple smartphones, a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that are due in stores on September 25.

Pre-orders for a new handsets began on Saturday with a new “rose gold” colour and incomparable 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus models already in singular supply during vital retailers.

Telstra announced reward information packages of 1GB for business on a $95 Go Mobile two-year contract, bringing a devise to 6GB per month, and an additional 5GB for business on a $135 per month plan, bringing a sum information to 15GB. Telstra’s gold-plated Premium Mobile devise includes a reward 9GB of information per month, bringing it to 25GB, during $195 per month.

The new iPhone models will underline “3D touch”, adding additional shortcuts and functions formed on how tough we hold a screen.

Its lowest-tier devise is $87 per month for a 16GB iPhone 6s, including 1GB of information per month over dual years.

Other Telstra carrots embody nominal one- and two-year Apple Music subscriptions for comparison skeleton (pre- and post-paid), and a “New Phone Feeling” offer that lets business who are during slightest 12 months into a agreement trade in their aged phone for a new one for a $149 fee.

Comparable skeleton during Optus embody a $94-a-month two-year devise with 6GB data; while reward information is thrown in for aloft cost tiers, with a $108 devise bumped adult from 10GB to 12GB, and a $135 devise from 16GB to a whopping 20GB, and giveaway general roaming calls and text.

Optus’ offerings are somewhat improved value than they were this time final year notwithstanding a iPhone 6s being some-more costly than a iPhone 6. Last year, a $79-a-month devise would get we a 16GB iPhone 6 paid off over 24 months with 2.5GB of information included. The same cost tier with a 16GB iPhone 6s now includes 3GB of data.

Vodafone’s lowest-tier devise for a 16GB iPhone 6s is also $79, though with usually 1GB of data, increased adult from a common 500MB, for those who pointer on by Sep 29.

Vodafone had already pre-empted final week’s Apple announcement with new “sumo-sized” phone skeleton during aloft cost tiers however, beating Optus with a $130-a-month “Red” devise that includes 16GB iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, or a 64GB iPhone 6s, and a reward 5GB of information – 20GB in sum – for business who pointer adult before Nov 3. The devise also includes $5 a day general roaming and a nominal 12-month subscription to song streaming use Spotify or to news services smh.com.au and theage.com.au.

Virgin Australia’s pricing for a new iPhones starts during $61 per month a 16GB iPhone 6s and 300MB of information on a dual year contract, by to a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus during $112 per month for 6GB of data.

Stock shortages

Only a day after pre-orders for a new iPhones non-stop in Australia, apparent batch shortages could be a pointer we’ll see identical issues with batch shortages as we did final year, when it was close on unfit to buy a 64GB or 128GB iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus by internal telcos, some dual months after they went on sale.

A discerning consult of retailers’ websites on Sunday revealed rose bullion and iPhone 6s Plus models are already in brief supply.

Telstra had listed all iPhone 6s models as available on a boat date of Sep 25, though iPhone 6s Plus models were listed as on “backorder”.

Optus pre-orders for a 16GB and 64GB iPhone 6s in rose bullion were listed as “full” though a 128GB was still accessible for pre-order, as were all storage capacities in other colours. All models of 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6s Plus were closed for pre-order, while a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus was not accessible in rose gold.

Virgin Mobile pre-orders for a 16GB and 128GB iPhone 6s were currently only accessible in space grey, while a 64GB was out of batch in rose gold. Virgin had no iPhone 6s Plus handsets accessible for pre-order during a time of writing. It was inventory all iPhone 6 Plus models, as good as a 16GB rose bullion iPhone 6, as shipping six weeks after pre-orders are approved. The 16GB iPhone 6 in other colours had a four-week delay, while all 64GB and 128GB models were listed with dual weeks delivery.

iPhone sales boost

New recover iPhones have traditionally seen a clever uptick in sales for both manufacturer Apple and third-party retailers, and final year’s iPhone 6 was a success story in both regards.

However, in what’s referred to as a “upgrade cycle”, many consumers hang on to their costly phones for during slightest another year before forking out for a new model. That gives retailers even some-more incentive to chuck in sweeteners like giveaway upgrades for existent business or limited-time-only information deals.

Vodafone/Galaxy investigate undertaken in Jul final year showed usually a entertain of Australians ascent their phone each 18 months or less, while half a race upgrades usually each dual or 3 years.

The categorical reason to ascent was “image” – because a phone seems old-fashioned or has been shop-worn cosmetically – while one in 3 surveyed upgraded their phone since they’d reached a finish of their contract, a information showed.


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