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Tesla Model 3 Production On Track For >5000 Units A Week By End Of 2017 & 10000 Units A Week In 2018


Published on Feb 23rd, 2017
by James Ayre


February 23rd, 2017 by  

As we reported final night, the Tesla Model 3 module is on lane for initial prolongation to start in July, and for volume prolongation to start by September, going by Tesla’s Q4 2016 financier letter. Below are some some-more sum and explanation given this is a #1 subject of seductiveness for many EV fans.

The devise is apparently for prolongation to surpass 5,000 units a week during some indicate in a fourth quarter, and for prolongation to surpass 10,000 units a week during some indicate in 2018.

In expectation of a Model 3 launch, and in and with a gearing adult process, Tesla is now fast expanding a retail, service, and Supercharger network functions, according to a financier letter.

So … if there are any problems with a run-up to Model 3 production, they aren’t being done public. Considering how most grief a association and a CEO Elon Musk have gotten to date for a Model X launch being delayed, it’s not too startling that a Model 3 module seems to be using most smoother.

As a sign here, a Tesla Model 3 was reportedly designed privately with palliate of prolongation in mind, since a Model X was designed with a vigilant of wowing people with a accumulation of singular tech and facilities (the falcon-wing doors, a outrageous windshield, etc.).

On that note, Tesla’s new merger of a organisation Grohmann Engineering was undertaken privately to assistance with Model 3 production. The financier minute records that “this merger launches Tesla Advanced Automation Germany, that will assistance us innovate prolongation processes to be used primarily in Model 3 production.”

Here’s a bit some-more information on a state of things from a letter:

“In early February, we began building Model 3 prototypes as partial of a ongoing contrast of a car pattern and prolongation processes. Initial pile-up exam formula have been positive, and all Model 3-related sourcing is on devise to support a start of prolongation in July. Installation of Model 3 prolongation apparatus is underway in Fremont and during Gigafactory 1, where in January, we began prolongation of battery cells for appetite storage products, that have a same form-factor as a cells that will be used in Model 3. Later this year, we design to finalize locations for Gigafactories 3, 4 and presumably 5 (Gigafactory 2 is a Tesla solar plant in New York).”

As a bit of serve information here, for those reading this who haven’t followed Model 3 news most (or during all): the Tesla Model 3 will come customary with a hardware apartment permitting for entirely unconstrained transport (once a required program solutions are developed); rumors are that a indication will underline a next-gen HUD complement that’s like zero out there currently; bottom pricing will reportedly be $35,000; and a association will be doing a “final” exhibit of a indication someday in a nearby destiny (probably during a finish of March) where a prolongation chronicle will be shown.

A integrate of final things to note here from a minute (which might good finish adult removing minute in serve articles):

  • The association is awaiting to deposit between $2 billion and $2.5 billion in collateral expenditures for a commencement of Model 3 production.
  • The association is awaiting to broach between 47,000 and 50,000 Model S and Model X units (combined) during a initial half of 2017. This would paint year-on-year smoothness expansion of 61% to 71%.
  • Quarter 4 2016 saw a 49% year-on-year tellurian net sequence boost (as compared to Quarter 4 2015). So clearly direct is still growing, rather than flatlining as some “analysts” claim.
  • The association is expanding a mobile correct use (“Ranger service”), in further to a use centers.
  • The devise is for a stream North American Supercharger hire network to be doubled in distance by a finish of 2017 (this will embody a series of new stations in Mexico it should be noted).


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