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Tesla’s Elon Musk Unveils a Factory He Hopes Will Change a World

Few people have a ability to get a room full of people pumped up—and so overcome with fad that they scream out affirmations of “Yes!” and “woohoo!”—about manufacturing. But that’s what happened Friday night as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and co-founder and CTO JB Straubel addressed a company’s biggest fans during a “grand opening” of a massive, and still-under-construction battery bureau outward Reno, Nevada.

The invite-only event, tools of that were promote live Jul 29, followed a press debate progressing this week during a large formidable being built in a Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center.

“I’m unequivocally vehement about revitalizing manufacturing,” Musk pronounced to a throng of VIPs, customers, and some of a company’s beginning investors. “It needs love, and we’re going to give it.”

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The gigafactory is critically critical for a company; it’s a cornerstone to all of what Tesla


hopes to achieve: To accelerate a world’s transition to tolerable energy. The bureau is approaching to revoke a per-kilowatt-hour cost of Tesla lithium-ion battery packs by some-more than 30%, that will in spin expostulate down a cost for a electric vehicles. Without a factory, Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 won’t be possible—at slightest not for $35,000.

In other words, a lot is roving on a success of a gigafactory. In a video of a grand opening event, that we can check out below, a fad and power of Musk, Straubel, and a throng is palpable.

The factory, that will cost during slightest $5 billion to build, was usually 14% finished when Fortune contributor Katie Fehrenbacher got a tour of a facility on Tuesday. But even during only one-seventh complete, a bureau and drift still seemed monstrous.

And large it will be. The footprint of a finished bureau is 6 million block feet, a distance that could accommodate 93 Boeing 747 jets, or—according to Musk—50 billion hamsters. That’s a lot of hamsters.

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“It’s about creation adequate electric cars, adequate still battery packs that it indeed moves a needle from a tellurian CO prolongation perspective—that it indeed does unequivocally change a world,” Musk said, explaining a purpose behind a gigafactory. “It has to be large since a universe is big.”

By 2018, a bureau will strike a initial thought of producing 50 gigawatt hours of battery packs a year, a volume compulsory to make about 500,000 electric cars annually, not to discuss a appetite storage product Powerwall. When a bureau is entirely built out, it will have a ability to make 150 gigawatt hours of battery packs a year, adequate for 1.5 million electric vehicles, according to Musk.

“There only wasn’t adequate bureau ability anywhere else in a world,” pronounced Straubel, explaining because a association motionless to build a gigafactory. “We didn’t have an option.”


But it’s not only about building a large factory. The art and scholarship of prolongation is how to solemnly pattern and lay out each fact and member within it to be means to make some-more products as well and low as probable but creation compromises on quality. Other companies, particularly Toyota, have been operative towards that potency honeyed mark for decades. What creates a Tesla gigafactory special is a perfect distance of a building and a company’s stubborn office of optimizing a firmness of useful things within it, in annoy of a size.

Tesla’s tip prolongation plan.


It’s a grounds behind a “machine that builds a machine“—an thought that Musk talks about often, including in a video, and that he is clearly fascinated, and maybe even a small spooky with. In this case, that mania could assistance a association pull battery prices even reduce and fist even some-more prolongation ability out of a building.

Tesla has pushed a thought of a appurtenance that builds a appurtenance to a indicate where it hopes to furnish 150 gigawatt hours of batteries in a same volumetric space as a strange design, according to Musk.

Article source: http://fortune.com/2016/07/30/tesla-gigafactory-elon-event/