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The 10 Best Moments of a 2017 Billboard Music Awards

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards went down on Sunday night (March 21), with story both being famous and being finished anew, as big-name performers famous aged classics, delivered complicated ones for a initial time, and set benchmarks never before reached on a BBMAs stage.

There were too many good moments to summation in all, yet if we missed a Billboard Music Awards, here are a 10 that we need to know about.

Julia Michaels and Miley Cyrus choking adult during a finish of their performances

It was dry all around during a Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, with both Julia Michaels and Miley Cyrus hardly means to finish their particular performances — Michaels creation her BBMAs entrance with “Issues,” and Cyrus giving her new “Malibu” a initial inhabitant TV delivery — yet violation down. Nice romantic moments for dual songs that acquire it.

Nicki Minaj perfectionist approval during Drake’s Vanessa Hudgens macking

The Chainsmokers noticing their alt-rock destiny

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have prolonged teased their tip alt-rock roots, and they brought them to a forefront with their “Young” performance, with Drew rocking a acoustic guitar and even attempting a Twenty One Pilots-like set leap. Not certain where Alex’s Daft Punk-like vocoder vocals fit in, yet those were flattering OK too.

The Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” pivotal change

Every time. Every goddamn time.

Lorde bringing K-town karaoke to a BBMAs stage

In that Lorde realizes for a initial time a lyrics she’s been singing a whole time: “‘Those good whites, they have large teeth?’ Are those really a lyrics?”

Vanessa Hudgens doing Nicki Minaj and Celine Dion

It could’ve severely backfired, but Vanessa Hudgens’ renditions of Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” hymn and Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” carol — delivered during a insistence of co-host Ludacris, underneath a guise of a BBMAs horde hazing protocol — were indeed flattering decent. At slightest one fan in a assembly was visibly impressed, certainly.

Dan Reynolds’ spoken-word reverence to Chris Cornell

Simple, yet intense and legitimately lump-in-throat. Would’ve been good to hear Imagine Dragons take on “Burden in My Hand,” yet maybe they’re saving that for a summer tour.

Cher violation out a leather coupler and fishnets for “If we Could Turn Back Time”

“Believe” was good too, yet examination her dual performances during a Billboard Music Awards, it’s not startling to learn that of her many hits, Cher was many privately invested in “If we Could Turn Back Time.” Decked out in a same arrange of outfit she wore in a song’s classical 1989 video — yet maybe sliiiightly reduction divulgence — she delivered a knockout delivery of a appetite ballad, divulgence it to be clearly a many gentle of her many skins.

Bruno Mars, attack all a high notes

Stretching out those initial hymn lyrics to “Versace on a Floor” to a indicate where it seemed like he should be coming a indicate of flitting out, Bruno Mars hold it together and never wavered, still carrying adequate appetite to unleash some stellar shimmying as a opening progressed.

Drake Making BBMAs History

“Ladies and gentleman, he has damaged a record for many BBMAs in a singular year!” So admitted Prince Jackson, and so it was done, as Drake took a theatre with his whole environment — including Lil Wayne, Nicki “Love of My Life” Minaj and pops Dennis Graham — to applaud his ancestral achievement. When you’re Drake, a whole star is your possess personal Bellagio fountain, sharpened off fireworks in each instruction while we dance around during a center.

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