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The 8 best rivalries in a NFL today, ranked

This one is so pleasing and so ugly. It incited from a chippy AFC North conflict into a bone-fide adversary when Bengals conduct manager Marvin Lewis came to Cincinnati in 2003. In 2005, a resurgent Bengals met a Steelers in a AFC Wild Card diversion when Steelers lineman (and former Bengal) Kimo von Oelhoffen tackled Bengals QB Carson Palmer low — and Palmer got disfigured and tore his ACL. The strike came on Palmer’s initial and usually try — a 66-yard explosve to Chris Henry. The diversion stays a sour memory for Bengals fans as a Steelers went on to win a Super Bowl.

The indirect 10 years saw exhilarated battles, a lot of Steeler wins, finally a Bengals deteriorate brush in a 2009 deteriorate and come 2015, things started to get uglier, culminating in a AFC Wild Card chastisement dwindle fiesta that saw some truly weird events: a personal tainted on Steelers descent line manager Mike Munchak for grabbing reserve Reggie Nelson’s hair on a sideline, and after a personal tainted on Bengals DB Adam Jones for creation hit with an central when Steelers partner manager Joey Porter entered a margin of play. It was mayhem.

“I indeed saw [the rivalry] unequivocally spin into what it’s turn final year” said former Bengals wideout Marvin Jones. “It was always feverishness of a game, though it never got too frolicsome and things like that. It was only always a good, ground-and-pound AFC North game. But after final year apparently it peaked adult and I’m not going to contend we didn’t like it. … It only done me feel like, ‘Man, this is football. This is dirty and this is grimy.'”

It’s dirty and soiled and infrequently rivalries move out a misfortune out in players though some-more mostly it brings out a best. The initial Bengals-Steelers matchup of this deteriorate was comparatively pacific as distant as those games go. 

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