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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Hagin Out


First lady Melania Trump sits on a cot surrounded by reporters as she participates in a assembly with President Trump, Spain’s King Felipe VI, and Queen Letizia in a Oval Office. Susan Walsh / AP

What We’re Reading

What Are a Facts?: The boss and tip administration officials contend that U.S. laws need them to apart newcomer families illegally channel a border. Here’s what’s indeed going on. (Salvador Rizzo, The Washington Post)

The Space Force Is a Bad Idea: Christian Britschgi argues that a Trump administration should let private companies take a lead in space development, instead of wasting supervision money. (Reason)

Killing a Metro: A network of activists, sponsored by a Koch brothers, is heading a national quarrel opposite open transit. And so far, they’re carrying extensive success. (Hiroko Tabuchi, The New York Times)

Permanent Separation: John Sandweg, a former behaving executive of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told NBC News that sometimes, families distant during a limit are incompetent to be reunited. “You could be formulating thousands of newcomer orphans in a U.S.,” he said. (Julia Ainsley)


‘Border Purgatory’: Watch as U.S. border-patrol agents repeatedly spin divided a family of haven seekers during a U.S.-Mexico border. (Jeremy Raff, The Atlantic)

Article source: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/06/the-atlantic-politics-policy-daily-hagin-out/563231/