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The best Glastonbury tent? This oppulance high-tech hangout is a festival-goer’s dream

UK mobile network EE is charity one propitious Glastonbury festival-goer a possibility to live in high-tech oppulance during a ancestral live song extravaganza. The “4GEE Smart Tent” will open for one night usually on 23 Friday, with a proxy residents means to suffer a cold splash from a tent’s connected fridge and an celebration centre display live streams and disdainful practical existence experiences.

The intelligent tent will be pitched in a center of Glastonbury’s 900 hactare home during Worthy Farm, Somerset. Thousands of revelers group to a site each year to declare live song showcased on 9 stages.

Camping among throngs of festival-goers is all partial of a knowledge for many Glastonbury fans, though what if we could move a connected delights of a intelligent home to a festival itself? EE – a central record and communications partner for a festival – is anticipating to do only that.

“The 4GEE Smart Tent facilities a series of connected technologies including a bespoke mini fridge that tweets when bonds are using low, an celebration centre that will uncover a BBC’s live streams of 6 stages from opposite a festival alongside disdainful practical existence calm prisoner on site and a voice-activated celebration environment to emanate a ideal late-night atmosphere,” review a blog post.

The dome-like tent will also residence a 4G Wifi hotspot, intelligent lighting, a connected confidence camera that live-streams a tent’s interior to a smartphone app, and solar-powered tech including a foot warmer to dry your slimy wellies and a kettle for a discerning morning brew. Google’s Daydream VR headsets are going to be used for a 360 grade video content.

“While camping is a large partial of any song festival, it’s not always a many gentle experience, so we wanted to emanate a 4GEE Smart Tent that tested a latest tech-inspired comforts,” pronounced Mat Sears, executive of communications and sponsorship during EE.

“The on-site 4G network we’re providing to Glastonbury revelers this year is a many absolute we’ve ever put in, and will assistance emanate a ultimate connected camping experience. We’re looking brazen to selecting a one propitious Glastonbury-goer who’ll get to stay in a tent and suffer it in all a high-tech glory.”

The intelligent home picks came pleasantness of EE’s festival-goer investigate that rather unsurprisingly found that a many common wish would be “a entirely stocked fridge with total drink.” As for a foe to bag a night in a tent – and a Google Pixel phone, a primary mark during a categorical Pyramid Stage, and, many importantly, breakfast in bed a subsequent morning – all sheet holders have to do is send a twitter to EE’s Twitter comment on Thursday (22 June) including a hashtag “#4GEESmartTent”.

Article source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/best-glastonbury-tent-this-luxury-high-tech-hangout-festival-goers-dream-1627016