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The body of a outrageous sea animal cleared ashore in Indonesia. Nobody’s certain what it is.

A 50-foot-long body of some animal cleared adult on a shores of an Indonesian island Tuesday evening, according to media reports, though what accurately a large quadruped is is still a theme of some debate.

The body was detected by a internal on Seram Island, according to a Jakarta Globe. The male who detected it primarily mistook it for a stranded vessel in a dark, a Globe reports. It is believed a animal was passed for roughly 3 days before it was discovered.

The Globe calls a animal a hulk squid, though the Smithsonian Institute reports that a largest hulk squid ever available was 13 meters, or 43 feet.

Most scientists, including a member of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management, trust a body to be that of a whale, according to news.com.au and The Telegraph. Specifically, sea biologists contend it is a rorqual whale, according to HuffPost.

“Giant squid are invertebrates and there are clearly skeleton manifest (jaw, skull, vertebrate) so we am really gentle observant it’s some form of rorqual whale,” pronounced Regina Asmutis-Silvia, executive executive of Whale and Dolphin Conservation, told HuffPost.

According to Mashable, hulk squids have not been available in Indonesian waters.

Another expert, Nikolay Kim, Deputy Head of a Forecasting dialect of a Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, told The Independent a animal is a singular class of dolphin, that would make it a largest ever available dolphin by far, according to Whale Facts.

Other locals explain a animal is in an elephant, according to Business Insider.

Video of a quadruped shows it decomposing into a H2O and branch it a low shade of red.

Whatever it is, it’s freaking amicable media out. Local authorities have collected a representation from a body and are now contrast it to establish what it is.

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