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The Clippers are truly cursed

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

RESOLUTION: We had 3 Game 6s on Friday. Only one of a array ended: the Blazers edged a Clippers interjection to large games from their timber guards Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. L.A. never unequivocally had a possibility in a array once Chris Paul and Blake Griffin went down, and J.J. Redick got nicked adult adequate to be ineffective. Even Austin Rivers got destitute in a face, nonetheless he played good with a gnarly wound and 11 stitches. And now we consternation if a Clippers will demeanour a same come October.


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The Blazers subsequent face a Warriors, who are expected though Steph Curry for a integrate games during Oracle. The array starts Sunday.

This Game 6 outcome also gave us a unequivocally implausible callback tweet.

ANOTHER ONE: The Pacers blew out a Raptors in Indiana again. Paul George is super damn good. Toronto competence be cursed. Game 7 is Sunday night during Air Canada. That locus is going to be tighter than a Derek Fisher suit.

STILL THE ONE: Dwyane Wade still has adequate to kick Kemba Walker in a mano a mano duel, as he did to give Miami shelter on Friday. These teams will lapse to South Beach for a Sunday matinee to confirm a series. Obvious hardcore Miami Heat fan Jeb Bush struggled to spell Wade’s initial name in perplexing to applaud him on Twitter. Dawane, Jeb?

Also, Purple Shirt Man. PURPLE SHIRT MAN. Via r/nba.


TOR 83, IND 101 (Series tied 3-3)
MIA 97, CHA 90 (Series tied 3-3)
LAC 103, POR 106 (Blazers win 4-2)


Thunder during Spurs, Game 1, 8:30 p.m. ET, TNT, Get Your Muthacluckin’ Popcorn

LUKE! Luke Walton, a nine-year Laker who won dual titles there, a SoCal local who grew adult rooting for a Lakers and a one-time soap show actor, has concluded to turn a Lakers conduct coach. So most for patience! He’ll take over as shortly as a Warriors’ deteriorate ends. For a record, I’d like to note that we likely this on Dec. 21 and again on Apr 11. This was a painfully apparent progression.

Here’s Kevin Ding on what Walton faces in Hollywood. Here’s Bill Plaschke on a Lakers’ coup.

GULP: The keys to a Thunder dissapoint of a Spurs are … Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter. we Said To Get Your Muthacluckin’ Popcorn.

SPEAKING OF WHICH … Here’s Zach Lowe’s large array preview.

YEP: The Pacers have been relying on Paul George approach too much. That’s going to harm them (eventually). It certain did in Game 5, though not Game 6.

RUSH RUSH: Steph Curry says he hopes to be behind sooner, and he’s not disturbed about risking serve repairs due to there being no constructional repairs in a knee. Curry and a Warriors are smart, and we trust they’ll make a right decision. But a regard wouldn’t be additional damage, it’d be aggravating a repairs such late personification in a West finals or NBA Finals becomes a problem. The Warriors can substantially hoop a Blazers though him, so because rush?

MORE RUNNING MAN: The Orlando Magic recruited a Tyrannosaurus Rex (possibly real?) to attend in their effort. Uncle Drew’s entrance is super uncanny and unintentionally hilarious.

Happy Saturday. See we subsequent time.


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