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The condom of a destiny is finally here

lelo conjuration improved condom 9278Melia Robinson/Tech Insider

You’re carrying sex. Then your partner thatch eyes on yours, and
says those 3 sorcery disproportion that stop time. “The condom broke.”

For many, a damaged condom means a disproportion between a grade-A
event of Netflix and Chill and a calamity dusk that turns
into an concerned watchful game.

Now Swedish cognisance association LELO is removing into a condom
production business to forestall worried and unsafe
situations like this from function again. The 20-year-old
a “Apple of a pleasure products industry,” has
reinvented a rubber.

From opposite a room, a HEX condom looks pretty
typical – an eggshell-colored square of latex that unrolls into a
phallic shape. But adult close, it becomes apparent where a name
comes from. A faint, hexagonal patterned honeycomb hideaway is
etched into a material.

This eye-catching settlement is partial of a condom that is stronger,
reduction expected to tear, and potentially some-more gentle than a
normal condom.

lelo conjuration unroll

For scarcely 100 years, a condom – one of a most
effective methods
of safeguarding opposite pregnancy and
intimately transmitted infections – has been in unfortunate need of a
makeover. While computers grew tiny adequate to fit in a pockets
and cars schooled to drive, a latex condom has remained some-more or
reduction unvaried given it was invented in a 1920s.

That’s a problem, since a rubber as we know it is an
impossibly injured medical device. It slips, it breaks, and it
reduces attraction for masculine wearers.

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Sitting in a discussion room in San Francisco, founder
Filip Sedic thrusts his palm inside a condom and fans his
fingers. The latex clings and thins around a edges of his
fingernails, though does not break. Sedic grabs a coop from the
list and tries to puncture it again.

“People say, ‘I don’t use it since it competence break.’ Give
me a break,” Sedic says, jolt his head. “But people will still
use that as an excuse. We have to make certain to discharge all of
these excuses.”

There’s a
association between
disliking condoms and withdrawal them in the

lelo conjuration improved condom 9268Melia Robinson/Tech Insider

A study
published in a Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2007 surveyed a
hundred college students about their sex lives over 3 months,
and detected group and women who rated defenceless sex as more
silken were reduction expected to use condoms.

More Americans are throwing a “no glove, no love” sequence out the
window. In a largest-ever national investigate on sexuality in
2010, 45% of group and 63% of women reported not regulating a
in their many new passionate confront with a “new
acquaintance,” according to Indiana
Such loosening can entice a horde of
complications, including disease.

Eight years ago, Sedic, an operative by training, set out to
do something radical: make a condom that group would indeed want
to use. Or during a really least, tolerate.

“It is kind of a contrition that in 2016, we are still regulating a
product that is some-more or reduction matching to what it was a hundred
years ago,” Sedic says. “I trust that with today’s technology,
we can do most better.”

Sedic and his group attempted experimenting with new materials,
, an incredibly clever polymer found in
all from wall insulation to sneaker soles. But in sequence to
move a new condom to marketplace in a US, a FDA requires that it
performs as good as latex. The capitulation routine can take

lelo conjuration improved condom 9266Melia Robinson/Tech Insider

The group sidestepped these logistical hurdles by
adhering with latex and focusing on changing a structure on the
condom instead.

“In a beginning, it kind of felt unfit since the
condom is a flattering elementary product by construction,” Sedic says.
“But afterwards suddenly, we had a breakthrough in thinking. The beauty
of this thought is that it’s so simple.”

For decades, rubbers have been done by dipping a penis-shaped
mold into a vat of glass latex and bark a element off when
it dries. LELO reengineered a mold so it’s engraved with a
honeycomb pattern. The manufacturer dunks a mold once into the
plasticky reduction to fill a impressions, and twice to cover the
rest of a mold. When it’s rolled off, a condom will appear
darker (and actually, thicker) where a settlement was.

Sedic explains that when vigour is practical to a condom, it
stretches in 6 directions from any point. This flexibility
creates it some-more forgiving of tension. If we poke a hole in it, the
repairs stays contained in a singular cell. It doesn’t shatter
like normal condoms.

Designers placed a hexagonal settlement on a inside, drawing
impulse from non-slip tires, to forestall slippage. The condom
is only 0.055 millimeters thick, making it
in breadth to a Durex Extra Sensitive and the
Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated condoms.

lelo conjuration condom pop

we asked Sedic if this settlement done a HEX some-more effective against
preventing pregnancy and STIs when event occurs, though he only
offering anecdotal justification to advise it was.

Still, group won’t wear condoms if they design them to be
uncomfortable. The HEX aims to solve that emanate as well.

Today, we crop a condom aisle of a drug store and find
dozens of arbitrarily named variations that guarantee a “barely
,” “double
” feel for “extended
” erections. It’s unfit to choose.

“Even if we had a income to buy all 3 [variations] and put
them on tip any other, we don’t consider I’m going to grasp what I
want,” Sedic jokes. “Why not make one thing … so we don’t need
to make these choices? Why should we make these choices?”

Sedic calls a HEX a condom that can do it all.

lelo conjuration improved condom 9261Melia Robinson/Tech Insider

The wrapping consists of a plain white box with black
lettering, in a postmodern character that’s really Apple. Though its
measure are a giveaway of what’s inside, a HEX is a product
we would reason quietly in line during CVS.

Such oppulance does not come cheap. A pre-order on
crowdfunding website Indiegogo prices a condoms during $9.90 for a
3-pack, $19.90 for a 12-pack, and $34.90 for a 36-pack. They’re
also available online
and later, in drug stores and pleasure product retailers.

For comparison, a 36-count box of Trojan Ultra Thin condoms runs
$13 on

The production routine for a HEX creates it 2.5 times more
dear than normal condoms to produce, though Sedic credits the
condom’s cost tab to exclusivity, not operations.

“We trust that a biggest problem with condoms is, people
don’t wish to use them. So, we need to make them wish to use
them,” Sedic says, before violation into a large smile.
“Usually, if something looks cold and is high-priced, people want
to take it [sic].”

He doesn’t count Trojan and Durex, a dual
best-selling condom brands
on Amazon, as LELO’s competitors.
Instead, Sedic hopes a company’s creation will enthuse others
to continue improving a condom.

“It’s not a matter of taste, yeah?” Sedric says. “It’s a
matter of life and genocide – of safeguarding yourself or not.”

Article source: http://www.techinsider.io/lelo-hex-is-the-condom-of-the-future-2016-6