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The crazy golf fan who travels a UK in his query to play each singular course

A crazy golf fan has played scarcely 800 courses in his query to revisit any singular one in a UK.

And progressing this month, Richard Gottfried reached a final of a inhabitant pairs competition.

The 36-year-old came by a qualifiers of a Adventure Golf National Pairs Championship with associate crazy golfer Peter Jones.

They afterwards played on a special march during a famous Belfry, in a Midlands, opposite 9 other pairs.

The twin done a final before narrowly losing in a final spin of a foe that is sponsored by tradesman American Golf.

Crazy golfer Richard Gottfried skeleton to revisit any singular march in a UK
(Image: Manchester Evening News)

(Image: UGC)

Richard, of Cheadle Hulme, detected crazy golf on childhood holidays and along with his mother Emily, 35, is good on a approach with his bid to play any march in a country. Currently they have visited 779 with around 100 left.

He said: “There was churned emotions entrance second, we were unhappy not to win though it was usually a second time me and Peter had played together. Hopefully subsequent time we’ll go one better.

“It was good fun, we desired personification given we was a child and we used to go on British strand holidays and I’d contest opposite my dual brothers.

“And given 2006 my mother and we have trafficked spin a nation during a weekend personification opposite courses.”

The foe will be shown on Sky Sports during some indicate during a autumn.

Richard during a Arnold Palmer Putting Course, in Whitby
(Image: UGC)

Richard on a putting immature during Looe Bowling Club, in Cornwall
(Image: UGC)

Richard, who works in selling who lives on Ladybridge Road, and Peter, 50, who lives in Rhyl, had won a informal qualifier in Wrexham.

They afterwards competed on a special 12-hole crazy golf march – also famous as journey golf – during a Belfry.

Richard said: “I like a fact crazy golf is open to anyone, distinct tangible golf we usually spin up, we don’t need to book a tee off time and we don’t need sold clothing.

“I play a bit of representation and putt too though we can’t strike stretch shots, crazy golf is all about accuracy. You have nowhere to censor and there is no domain for error.

“It can be nerve-wracking if we are personification to win as there will mostly usually be one or dual shots in it. But we have to put that to a behind of your mind and play any hole as it comes.

Richard during Championship Adventure Golf, in New Brighton
(Image: UGC)

“It is all about practice, if we can travel a hole before we have your shot and have a good demeanour where we are attack a round as there are always startling lumps and hazards and maybe a disreputable dark approach to a hole.”

Richard says his favourite courses are in Skegness, Lincolnshire as there are an startling TEN courses on a seafront.

And his favourite holes?

“I do suffer personification windmill obstacles as they are a good event to get a hole-in-one. The trickier holes are loop-the-loops and volcanoes.”

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