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The Daily 202: Hillary Clinton could blow it in Nevada


The Nevada caucuses were once a tighten for Hillary Clinton. Just final month, discuss manager Robby Mook pronounced she was brazen there by 25 points.

But a energetic on a belligerent has shifted fast in a arise of Bernie Sanders’ 22-point feat in New Hampshire.

“The Clinton panic is palpable,” Jon Ralston, a vanguard of a Silver State press corps, writes this morning. “Clinton spent Monday in Nevada and sent her father to fill in during Florida events after her discuss clearly sensed a firewall buckling here. … There is a default of arguable open polling in Nevada, yet no one on possibly side has asserted a competition is not in strech for Sanders.”

Clinton aides have focussed over retrograde to reduce expectations as Saturday approaches, exaggerating a share of a adults that will be white. This has undone Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who is staying neutral, and stirred a Democratic front-runner to stretch herself from her possess spokesman’s spin.

— After removing a late start in Nevada, Sanders is massively outspending Clinton in a state given he sees it as a venue to uncover he can make inroads with minority electorate if usually they hear his message. Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ discuss manager, pronounced inner polling shows immature and working-class Latinos entrance Bernie’s way. Their thought is to oppose “this firewall anticipation that a Clinton discuss has put out there,” he told The Post. “If we do well, it destroys that myth.” It would positively change required believe about a Southern states that opinion on Super Tuesday…

My colleagues John Wagner and David Weigel, both on a ground, send that Sanders unequivocally seems to be origination inroads with minority voters, generally immature Latinos. “Despite Clinton’s strenuous support among kinship leaders, a Sanders discuss is origination a accordant bid among a arrange and file,” they write. “Twelve Sanders discuss offices have mushroomed conflicting a state.” One of his ads facilities Latina politician Lucy Flores, a former state legislator, explaining given she thinks usually Sanders can repair a country. “More than a hundred paid staffers have strike a ground, aided by Latino pro-Sanders groups from as distant divided as Los Angeles.” He’s also sketch many bigger crowds during his events than she is.

— Meanwhile, Bill is again causing headaches and highlight for his wife’s campaign. Senior advisers secretly worry about his unpredictability, generally after a unhelpful outburst on a eve of a New Hampshire primary. In a final integrate of days, a former boss looked staid to launch into unscripted riffs about Sanders before reining himself in during a final second. There have been flashbacks during Brooklyn domicile to 2008, when Bill’s storied miss of self-discipline became a guilt and helped expostulate African American electorate to Obama. “Bill Clinton is an exquisite talent when it comes to politics — solely when it comes to his wife,” former Obama strategist David Axelrod. “It clouds his judgment. … He can be super-effective for her. Where he’s not effective is where he has these thespian episodes.” Axe is quoted in a square on this dynamic by Abby Phillip, who has been following WJC around South Carolina.


— Federal offices in a D.C. segment will be open now with a three-hour check given of a fraudulent ice on a roads, per a Office of Personnel Management.

What about area schools?

  • CLOSED: Calvert County, Charles County, Fairfax County, Fredericksburg City, Fauquier County, Loudoun County, Manassas City, Prince William County, Spotsylvania County, St. Mary’s County, Stafford County
  • OPEN on a TWO-HOUR DELAY: Alexandria City, Falls Church City, Manassa Park City

— PLEASE BE CAREFUL: Despite a arise in temperatures, a ice will take a few hours to melt. A Winter Storm Warning is in outcome for areas west and north of a District until 10 a.m. and Winter Weather Advisory for D.C. to Baltimore and points eastward.

— The Capital Weather Gang forecasts that “much warmer weather, assuage to complicated rain, and even a rumble of rumble pierce into a area today”: “We cold down tomorrow into Thursday, yet zero like a weekend. The immeasurable story could be this subsequent weekend as another swell of warming winds sends temperatures mountainous into a 50s and 60s.”

AT THE GRAMMYS: “Taylor Swift won a night’s most-coveted esteem for her unassailable best-seller ‘1989,’ violence out California rapper Kendrick Lamar, who was nominated 11 times in 9 categories,” Chris Richards reports. “Swift also racked adult early awards for best cocktail outspoken manuscript and best strain video for ‘Bad Blood.’ …. Record of a year went to ‘Uptown Funk,’ a whole strike from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars; strain of a year, a songwriter’s prize, went to loser British troubadour Ed Sheeran for ‘Thinking Out Loud’; and this year’s best new artist esteem went to Meghan Trainor, a immature doo-wop revivalist who supposed her endowment with tears of surprise. Alabama Shakes picked adult best stone opening for ‘Don’t Wanna Fight.’ Chris Stapleton took home best republic manuscript for ‘Traveller,’ a record that catapulted him to celebrity final fall.” For a finish list of Grammy winners, click here.

HRC congratulated “Hamilton” after it won Best Musical Theater manuscript during a Grammys:

Jimmy Carter won a Grammy for a audio book chronicle of his memoir, “Full Life: Reflections during Ninety.” The former boss previously won a “Best Spoken Word Album” difficulty in 2007.

— After a seven-year hibernation, Jeb Bush’s comparison hermit done a folksy and unaffected lapse to a domestic arena, Ed O’Keefe and Philip Rucker report: “Though he never spoken a billionaire mogul’s name, Bush delivered an observable reprove to Trump’s candidacy … by touting a significance of piety in care and warning that ‘bluster’ and ‘theatrics’ contingency not be mistaken for strength. ‘Americans are indignant and frustrated, yet we do not need someone in a Oval Office who mirrors and inflames a frustration,’ Bush said. In another substantial contrariety with Trump, Bush pronounced that his hermit was ‘a male of low and common faith that reveals itself by good works, not shrill words.’ He afterwards said, ‘All of a sloganeering and all of a speak doesn’t matter if we don’t win.’”

Beforehand, W gave a corner speak with his hermit to Fox News, spoke during an American Legion gymnasium and met secretly in Columbia with Gov. Nikki Haley. “Thank integrity a republic welcomed her relatives from India when they immigrated here in 1969,” Bush pronounced during his speech.

— Last night’s convene was usually a latest pointer of a border to that Iraq is vivid a 2016 candidates: Trump has not corroborated off his comments during this weekend’s discuss that a Bush administration lied about a existence of WMDs. Sanders regularly invokes Clinton’s opinion for a quarrel to expel doubt on her judgment. “Iraq stays unprepared business, both as an ongoing inhabitant certainty regard and an open domestic doubt that a dual parties answer differently,” Anne Gearan and Ed O’Keefe write in a story that usually posted. “The Islamic State apprehension associate was innate out of Iraq’s domestic and certainty vacuum. The republic is still inconstant notwithstanding billions in U.S. support. Much of a stream discuss among Democrats and Republicans looks brazen to a doubt of who has a improved devise to confront that threat. But a startling volume of a contention in new days has also looked behind to either a quarrel was fit and either American energy was misused.”

And a Iraq kerfuffle continues to play out in engaging ways: South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, who backs Ted Cruz, pronounced Trump “exposed himself as a truther” for his critique of Bush 43 during a debate, expressing certainty that a remarks “won’t play well” in a state. (Buzzfeed)

— Perhaps given of stability attraction to questions about a Iraq war, a Bush discuss blocked reporters from interviewing electorate during final night’s event. Prominent members of a media, from a regressive press to a promote networks, were outraged:

— This week’s NBC News/SurveyMonkey tracking poll finds Marco Rubio dropping 3 points nationally and John Kasich rising 4 points to a two-month high of 7 points, with Trump progressing his lead. The national domain between Clinton and Sanders is now during a lowest it has been in 7 weeks. Fifty-six percent of Republican electorate now trust that Trump will be a contingent nominee, adult from 42 percent a week ago. A third of Democratic and Democratic-leaning electorate now trust Sanders will win a contingent nomination. (The other two-thirds still cruise Clinton will win.)


  1. Nearly 50 civilians were killed in barb strikes on hospitals and schools in northern Syria, deepening a charitable predicament notwithstanding skeleton for a proxy cease-fire after this week. (Loveday Morris and Erin Cunningham)
  2. The special House cabinet formed to investigate Planned Parenthood’s doing of fetal hankie subpoenaed dozens of organizations. Critics are pursuit it a magician hunt and contend that casting such a far-reaching net endangers studious privacy. (Mike DeBonis)
  3. The Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, where a military officer and dual civilians were killed during a rampage, has reopened. (New York Times)
  4. Stepping adult efforts to conflicting a rising China, President Obama welcomed leaders from 10 Southeast Asian nations for a two-day limit in Rancho Mirage, Calif. (David Nakamura)
  5. As partial of a effort, Obama pronounced he will transport to Vietnam in May. Hanoi has signaled a realignment toward a West as a sidestep conflicting Chinese bellicosity, generally in a South China Sea. (David Nakamura)
  6. POTUS also suggested skeleton to pointer legislation that effectively bans American imports of fish caught by forced labor in Southeast Asia. (New York Times)
  7. South Korea threatened Pyongyang with serve sanctions for their bureau of a arch weapons program, warning that final week’s shutdown of their common industrial park was “just a start.” (Anna Fifield)
  8. Mexican authorities found saunas, a bar, food stands—even an aquarium—in Monterrey’s Topo Chico prison, after a riot pennyless out that killed 49 inmates. Among a prohibited were hundreds of weapons used by a rioters. The prison’s tip officers have been arrested on murder charges. (CBS)
  9. Four U.S. citizens, including journalist Anna Day, were detained in Bahrain, indicted of regulating fake information to enter a republic and allegedly participating in “attacks on police.” Day was there with a camera organisation to cover a fifth anniversary of a 2011 uprising. (CNN)
  10. A new investigate says a person’s risk of apropos depressed or bending on smoking competence be shabby by DNA hereditary from Neanderthals. The study, published by a biography Science, found that Neanderthal-inherited DNA influenced risk by about 1 percent. (Malcolm Ritter)


  1. Police are questioning a 25-year-old Russian’s explain that she was assaulted by Eliot Spitzer at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Attorneys for a former administrator denied a charges and pronounced a immature lady has “emotional difficulties.” (AP)
  2. A county policeman in Maryland posted an open minute to President Obama on Facebook, indignant that he has not publicly offering condolences for dual deputies who were killed final week in a line of duty. James T. DeWees, a Republican policeman of Carroll County, wrote that if a deputies had, unprovoked, killed an trusting man, a boss and his staff would have attempted to “make an instance of military officers nationwide.” (Martin Weil)
  3. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback became a initial sitting administrator to validate Rubio. He corroborated Rick Perry final time. (Kansas City Star)
  4. Sanders, campaigning in Michigan, met with a tiny organisation of residents influenced by a infested H2O predicament in Flint before addressing a basketball locus filled with 9,400 supporters. (John Wagner)
  5. Adam McKay, a executive of “The Big Short,” is “really curious” if Hillary has seen his movie. He told Politico’s Glenn Thrush that Clinton’s coziness with Wall Street and antithesis to re-imposing Glass-Steagall banking regulations creates him uncomfortable.
  6. The Pope denounced a exploitation and amicable ostracism of Mexico’s Indians, that has left on for centuries, during a revisit to Chiapas. He also lambasted a domestic chosen that “tends to omit a masses.” (Joshua Partlow)
  7. Ehud Olmert began a 19-month jail judgment for holding bribes while Israel’s Prime Minister. (Ruth Eglash and William Booth)


— It looks increasingly doubtful that Obama will get a new probity yet a Senate, as Republicans continued to tumble in line behind leadership. Several pivotal members indicated that they will retard whomever a boss nominates to attain Antonin Sclia, even yet some-more than 11 months sojourn in Obama’s 48-month term.

The many critical proclamation came from Ohio’s Rob Portman, who needs conservatives and outward income yet who could compensate a immeasurable cost in Nov for appearing to welcome obstruction.

He was not alone. The 2008 GOP hopeful is focused on winning a primary plea from his right behind home in Arizona, and he’s motionless to concentration on ginning adult a base:

Older members also fell into lockstep with Mitch McConnell:

Reflecting a domestic risk of looking like an obstructionist, Nevada Republican Senate claimant Joe Heck (currently a congressman) issued a rather doubtful matter that gives him an out:

Retiring Minority Leader Harry Reid, whose open chair Heck is regulating for, has penned a strongly worded op-ed in today’s Post:

The Post’s Editorial Board also weighs in, revelation a Senate it has an requirement to do a bureau and that a issue is “not complicated”: “We know that, if positions were reversed, Democrats who are now piously invoking a Constitution would be articulating a conflicting view. But that doesn’t make Mr. McConnell right. If a Republican is inaugurated boss in Nov and Democrats recapture a Senate, what is to forestall them from refusing to opinion during all? Nothing in a Constitution decrees when a sore steep becomes lame. Meanwhile, a republic is spoiled by carrying a hobbled court.” 

— Not that there should have been any doubt, yet Obama also done transparent that he is not subsidy down. White House orator Eric Schultz reiterated that a boss will “fulfill his inherent responsibility” by nominating a new probity and expected that Republicans will eventually reason a acknowledgment hearing. “This is not a initial time a Republicans have come out with a lot of boast usually to have existence penetrate in,” Schultz said. “We need a entirely staffed Supreme Court.” He also quoted Ronald Reagan, who pulpy for a opinion on Anthony Kennedy in 1988: “Every day that passes with a Supreme Court subsequent full strength impairs a people’s business in that crucially critical body.” (Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin turn adult how seductiveness groups on a right and left are mobilizing.)

— Experts are VERY troubled by a approach Scalia’s genocide was handled. “As a former carnage commander, we am dumbfounded that no autopsy was systematic for Justice Scalia,” William O. Ritchie, a former control of all rapist investigations for a D.C. military department, wrote on Facebook. “You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in assemblage of a physician. You have a non-homicide lerned US Marshal tell a probity of assent that no tainted play was observed. You have a probity of a assent pronounce genocide while not being on a stage and though any medical training opining that a probity died of a heart attack. What medical explanation exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a intelligent hemorrhage? How can a Marshal say, though a consummate post mortem, that he was not injected with an bootleg piece that would copy a heart attack… Did a US Marshal check for petechial hemorrhage in his eyes or underneath his lips that would have suggested suffocation? Did a US Marshal smell his exhale for any surprising fragrance that competence advise poisoning? My tummy tells me there is something unlikely going on in Texas.” (Lena H. Sun and Sari Horwitz)

— The assignment quarrel has dark a GOP competition in South Carolina: Cruz’s summary on a branch yesterday was that Trump would designate magnanimous justices to a probity — such as his sister, a sovereign appeals probity judge. Trump once pronounced his sister would be a “phenomenal” justice. “Now it’s good to mount with your sister, yet Donald’s sister was a Bill Clinton-appointed sovereign appellate decider who is a radical pro-abortion extremist,” Cruz told reporters in Aiken. Katie Zezima notes that, in Jul 2000, Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, wrote a infancy opinion on a row that found New Jersey’s anathema on late-term abortions unconstitutional.”

— Trump, who competence be a many LITIGIOUS authority to ever find a presidency, afterwards threatened to sue Cruz over his Canadian birth and for highlighting his past support for termination rights. (Watch a video from his press contention here.)

— John Boehner reveals that he pitched Scalia on being Bob Dole’s regulating partner in 1996. The former orator was authority of a House Republican Conference. In a first-person account for Independent Journal Review this morning, he recalls a surreptitious assembly with a probity over a pepperoni and anchovies pizza (it was usually a dual of them and Boehner arch of staff Barry Jackson). “Dole indispensable some rocket fuel,” Boehner recalls thinking. “He indispensable a regulating partner who would …. [bring] an component of hum and fad that had been missing, quite among Reagan-Gingrich conservatives emotional for a champion. … It was a collect nobody would have seen coming, and one with a intensity to light a Dole discuss in a demeanour no one suspicion possible.”

“Scalia’s greeting was a reduction of entertainment and humility,” Boehner says. “He asked unequivocally approach questions on both a practicality of regulating — including how a candidacy would impact his purpose on a Court, what Dole’s greeting would be if he were to demonstrate eagerness and, ironically, what a impact on a domestic routine competence be of a cavity appearing on a Court in a months before a presidential election. … As he’d betrothed to do, Justice Scalia called a day or dual after with his response … He afterwards commanded his response, that he indicated were a accurate difference Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes had used in response to matching entreaties decades earlier: ‘The probability is too remote to criticism upon, given my position.’ Scalia gave his blessing for me to share a response with both House Speaker Newt Gingrich and with Sen. Dole himself. The Speaker desired a idea. … Dole laughed. ‘He didn’t contend no, so that means yes,’ a former Senate Majority Leader observed.”

— Breanne Deppisch and Elise Viebeck contributed to this report.


— “Racial profiling seems to be a arms in Europe’s quarrel on terrorism,” by Anthony Faiola: “The direct ideals of a free, open and passive Europe are underneath attack as never before, with a swell in military mark checks and residence raids ushering in what some are pursuit a new epoch of secular profiling. Under an ongoing state of puncture in France, for instance, military now have extended powers to catch suspects and control raids though probity orders. So far, authorities have staged 3,200 raids and put roughly 400 people underneath residence arrest. Yet those raids have resulted in usually 5 terrorism-related investigations. In Europe, such profiling appears customarily directed during ‘Muslim looking’ peoples … [and] it has turn hackneyed to see secular minorities reason adult during military checkpoints as white Europeans and tourists expostulate by unmolested. ‘I am scared,’ pronounced Muslim tiny business owners Halim Abdelmalek. ‘We are no longer in a state of law here. We are in a state of profiling … We are all suspects now.’”

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei orchestrated a decoration of Berlin’s Konzerthaus this weekend with 14,000 bright-orange life vests. More from Faiola: Used by some of a Syrians, Iraqis and others soaking adult on a seaside of a Greek island of Lesbos on unfortunate quests for refuge in Europe, a jackets now turn adult a 6 columns of a unison gymnasium in a proxy relic to wretchedness and hope. As art, Ai says, they are meant to jar. More specifically, they are dictated to startle a continent out of relief during a time when European countries are, one by one, shutting their doors to haven seekers. “This is Europe. This is a 21st century, and we don’t cruise people unequivocally get it,” Ai pronounced in a phone speak from Lesbos, where he is operative on a new documentary about a interloper crisis. “Where is a humanity?”

— “Venezuela faces ‘worst-case scenario’ as Zika conflict expands,” by Joshua Partlow: “The Zika widespread has struck Venezuela as a socialist-ruled republic is spiraling into mercantile disharmony and a open health complement has been nude of many simple collection of complicated medicine. Hospital patients get wheeled past closets superfluous with trash. Stray dogs ramble a sanatorium grounds. Doctors perform medicine though sutures and gauze. In a Latin American quarrel conflicting a Zika virus, Venezuela stands apart. ‘Venezuela is display a ideal unfolding for how not to do things, in health,’ pronounced José Oletta, a former health apportion who estimates there have been 412,000 Zika cases in a country. The Zika conflict has unprotected in a open health zone a kinds of stories of misinformation, nonesuch and supervision mismanagement seen in other collection of Venezuelan life. ‘It’s a microcosm of a whole country,’ pronounced David Smilde, a highbrow of sociology during Tulane. ‘You have a supervision that doesn’t value transparency. You have a medical complement in collapse.’”

Fun form — “Meet a male who can fundamentally review President Obama’s mind,” by Colby Itkowitz: “Few have even listened of Brian Mosteller, yet if we demeanour closely during photographs taken inside a White House, we can mostly glance him during a corner of a frame, omnipresent. His central pretension is executive of Oval Office operations, nonetheless a some-more good name competence be anticipator in chief. When Obama is in Washington, any pierce a boss makes, any authority he meets and any assembly he attends has been delicately orchestrated by Mosteller. Admiring colleagues impute to him as an unsung favourite of a administration — a male behind a man, though whom Obama arguably would not have such a concept repute for cool. ‘I’m there to make whatever he wants happen,’ Mosteller said. ‘There [are] these huge pressures brazen on this male and this family … we take divided a tiny pressures with that we can contend so he can concentration on a some-more massive.’”


Ellen DeGeneres distinguished President’s Day with this post:

Happy #PresidentsDay! we still have this wig.

A print posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Feb 15, 2016 during 2:03pm PST

Fun presidential trivia:

Jeb competence have finally gotten what he wanted: a focused madness of Trump. This draft from a analytics partners during Zignal Labs shows how a sell over Iraq and a Sept. 11 attacks became a many Tweeted about impulse for both organisation over a final 5 days.

The Donald has unleashed an harsh swell of anti-Bush vitriol on amicable media. Six of a 7 many renouned Bush-related Tweets given Saturday night have been attacks from Trump.

Trump went after Bush and Cruz:

Lindsey Graham hung out behind stage with a Bushes:

There were fun moments in a Democratic competition too:

Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) did a print opp in Flint:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) took a expostulate on a solidified river:

Driving out to Oscarville on a solidified Kuskokwim River.

A print posted by Senator Lisa Murkowski (@senlisamurkowski) on Feb 15, 2016 during 3:26pm PST

Cory Booker seemed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight to speak about my book expelled tomorrow #United and other issues.

A print posted by Cory Booker (@corybooker) on Feb 15, 2016 during 2:12pm PST

Big crowds in South Carolina:

What an extraordinary throng during a city gymnasium in Easley SC yesterday — some-more than 2,000 people came out! #SCforMarco

A print posted by Marco Rubio For President (@marcorubiofla) on Feb 15, 2016 during 7:59am PST

A Cruz spokeswoman discovered this navigator in a women’s restroom during a discuss event:

Despite her #keepitclassy complaint, Alice’s side is throwing as many — or substantially some-more — sand during Rubio:

GOP lawmakers continued to post aged photos with Scalia:

On Saturday, a republic mislaid a truly good jurist. Justice Antonin Scalia was a authorised hulk who helped revive wisdom, reason and reason to a Supreme Court that had been dominated for years by romantic justices with broad, stretched views of inherent power. His forlorn genius and autocratic participation will be sorely missed on a Court. But Justice Scalia was not usually a shining jurist and fixed defender of a Constitution, he was also a conspicuous authority and a dedicated family man. we had a pleasure of assembly with him a series of times over a years, and we was as tender by him in authority as we was when reading one of his opinions. My condolences to Justice Scalia’s wife, Maureen, his 9 children, his 36 grandchildren and a whole Scalia family.

A print posted by Congressman Steve Chabot (@repstevechabot) on Feb 15, 2016 during 7:51am PST

Justice Scalia in Montana

A print posted by Steve Daines (@stevedaines) on Feb 15, 2016 during 12:51pm PST


— The mythological Walter Pincus, now essay his Fine Print mainstay for The Cipher Brief, was deeply uneasy by Trump’s new cheating with government-sanctioned assassinations of unfamiliar leaders: “Like a Wizard of Oz, Trump is regulating electronic tools, his TV existence uncover believe and boast to keep adult a masquerade of carrying far-reaching believe and power. But when it comes to inhabitant security, he is — as a actor Frank Morgan was in a film – unequivocally usually a lizard oil salesman.”

— New York Magazine, “Why Michael Bloomberg Could Run for President and Win,” by Jonathan Chait: “Before we join all a other pundits in dismissing out of palm a probability that Michael Bloomberg competence be sworn into bureau as a 45th boss of a United States, let’s highlight exam a assumption. One reason Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions have always been so isolated from existence is that he fills a space on a domestic spectrum that is overserved (socially liberal, fiscally conservative) given a tangible unmet domestic direct is usually a opposite. But if Trump and Sanders win their nominations, afterwards a conflicting would unexpected reason true. A claimant who is conjunction a revolutionary nor a extremist would have a immeasurable niche … He would positively need Sanders as a Democratic nominee, and substantially Trump as a Republican hopeful as well, to have a viable constituency. But if he did somehow find that multiple available him, a long-clogged line he occupies in a core competence unexpected mangle open for him.”

— BuzzFeed, “Black Lawmakers And Their Staffers Split On Bernie Sanders,” by Darren Sands: “Congressional Black Caucus PAC had usually permitted Clinton, and a members stood behind a pulpit and extolled her many virtues. Rep. Maxine Waters did not attend [but later] wanted to know: Had her colleagues publicly chastised immature electorate for their naivete? Some lawmakers had, onlookers said. Her face dropped. ‘You can’t do that,’ she said. ‘That’s given we can’t mount behind them.’ … Now that a primary is relocating into some-more different states, a generational doubt is holding on new, combined measure of competition and secular politics. Even in Washington inside a CBC, there is a generational divide, quite between a lawmakers and their staffers … and a flourishing clarity that a attacks lobbed during Sanders are unseemly. ‘I’ll lick a ring of whoever my celebration nominates, yet right now I’m with Bernie,’ pronounced a CBC member’s aide. ‘I’ve seen a efforts to disprove and conceal him … It’s not a approach we should be coming this.’”

— The State, “GOP competition stirs worry among many SC immigrants,” by Avery G. Wilks: “Hispanics [in South Carolina] – both authorised and undocumented – are examination uneasily as GOP presidential possibilities clap off their immigration plans, including deporting a some-more than 11 million undocumented immigrants and finale legacy citizenship. … Ten percent of expected S.C. Republican electorate contend immigration is a many critical emanate in this year’s presidential election. Meanwhile, nearly 250,000 S.C. residents are Hispanic or Latino, a series that has scarcely tripled given 2000. ‘The infancy of Republicans are conflicting us,’ pronounced Juan Rivera, who runs a internal food truck.”

— The Post and Courier, “Presidential race: It’s never been this personal,” by Robert Behre and Schuyler Kropf: “A new bullion customary for indignant claimant venom is being set in this year’s South Carolina Republican primary. Rather than being a competition about routine and a prophesy for a nation’s future, this routinely attractive Southern state — that has a story of falling into nauseous politics — is saying a opening from a rudest of residence guests. Charleston County GOP Chairman Larry Kobrovsky called a effort of a Republican competition ‘unfortunate.’ ‘It was roughly like a ‘Saturday Night Live’ satire, yet no, it was legitimate.’ With reduction than a week to go before Saturday’s Republican primary, many have taken note of a personal inlet of a latest attacks.”

— New York Times, “South Carolina Church Bridges Racial Gap, yet Not Political Divide,” by Richard Fausset: “The members of Redemption church, a mix of black and white and Latinos, flowed into their refuge … praying side by side and signing together. They mingled afterward, watchful for lunch. What they all conscientiously avoided, however, was any contention of politics. Avoiding such speak is an phonetic rule: ‘It’s roughly like we’re during quarrel with any other,’ pronounced Becky Greene, who supports Cruz. ‘It’s like a conservatives and a liberals, and never a twain shall meet.’ The sign of this Pentecostal megachurch is ‘Where Many Become One,’ and a members are unapproachable of their secular progress. But as a presidential highway uncover heads South, Redemption is a thoughtfulness of one of a region’s many determined divides. Despite a observable gains that Southern blacks and whites have done in working, vital and even praying together, when it comes to voting and politics, a cove between them is so immeasurable it can hardly even be discussed.”

— BBC, “Pope John Paul letters exhibit ‘intense’ loyalty with woman”: “Hundreds of letters and photographs that tell a story of Pope John Paul II’s tighten attribute with a married woman, that lasted some-more than 30 years, have been shown to a BBC. The loyalty began in 1973 when Polish-born American philosopher Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka contacted a destiny Pope, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, afterwards Archbishop of Krakow, about a book on truth that he had written. The span motionless to work on an stretched chronicle of a cardinal’s book … assembly many times and analogous frequently. She seemed to have suggested heated feelings for him given his letters … advise a male struggling to make clarity of their loyalty in Christian terms. He describes her as a ‘gift from God.’ There is no thought a Pope pennyless his vouch of virginity … [but] a papers exhibit a frequency seen side of a pontiff, who died in 2005.”

–Politico, “Republicans, Beware a Abe Fortas Precedent,” by Josh Zeitz: “In a arise of Scalia’s death, many have seized on a Fortas case—claiming that it’s fashion for a antagonistic Congress to frustrate a Supreme Court nominee. But if Republicans are looking to 1968 for a fashion in this case, they competence wish to cruise twice. First of all, a conservatives who opposite Fortas’ betterment to arch probity accepted that LBJ had any right to put brazen a assignment … and reason quick acknowledgment hearings for Fortas. And LBJ’s opponents were charcterised reduction by inherent concerns than politics—and race. Opposition to Fortas flowed directly from his liberalism, and indirectly from his Judaism. Historians remember a resources by that he was blocked for accurately what they were … that were, for a many part, distant from honorable. And afterwards there’s another thing for a GOP to consider: In restraint Abe Fortas, conservatives competence have subsequent evident satisfaction. But liberals done them compensate for it in due time.”


On a discuss trail:

Hillary meets with Al Sharpton and delivers a discuss in New York on “how we mangle down a barriers that reason behind African American families.” An help emailed a preview: “Clinton will call for a extensive joining to equity and event for African Americans from new investments in bureau origination to finale redlining to ensuring equal compensate for women of tone to finale a school-to-prison pipeline. Clinton believes that a leaders contingency do whatever it takes to rip down all a barriers and reinstate them with ladders of mercantile event for all Americans.”

The rest of a margin is in South Carolina:

  • Trump: North Augusta, Beaufort
  • Rubio: Beaufort, Summerville, North Myrtle Beach
  • Kasich: Greenville, Cayce
  • Cruz: Mount Pleasant, Columbia, Anderson
  • Bush: Columbia, Leesville, Aiken
  • Sanders: Columbia, Charleston

Sanders also goes to Atlanta. Georgia has a pivotal primary on Mar 1.

At a White House: President Obama is in Rancho Mirage, Calif. for a second day of a ASEAN summit. Vice President Biden meets with comparison advisers brazen of a outing to New Orleans tomorrow.

On Capitol Hill: The Senate and House are in recess all week.


— D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial will bear a vital restoration over a subsequent 4 years, interjection mostly to an $18.5 million concession by billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein. (Michael E. Ruane)

— Mayor Muriel E. Bowser refuses to divulge how she picked locations for 7 area homeless shelters and is austere she will not cruise changes or substitutions, sketch defamation for a miss of transparency. (Aaron C. Davis)

— A charter propagandize amendment died in a Virginia Senate after dual Republicans surprisingly voted conflicting it. It’s a blow to a preparation remodel transformation in a Commonwealth. The House and Senate upheld matching legislation year. (Laura Vozzella)

— NOAA wants to name Cape Hatteras a National Marine Sanctuary to strengthen WWII shipwrecks that lay off of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The organisation is hosting a open assembly on a thought during 5:30 p.m. during a Navy Memorial in downtown Washington. (Michael E. Ruane)


Oops: Marco Rubio’s latest ad — an loyalty to Ronald Reagan’s “It’s morning again in America” commercial — opens with stock footage from Vancouver, Canada. Read BuzzFeed for more, and watch here:

Watch a video of W. cracking jokes as he warmed adult a throng for his brother:

Watch Bill Clinton grapple with a Trump protester during a convene in Florida (ABC News).

Donald Trump threatened to sue Ted Cruz over what he called “false ads”:

Correct a Record, David Brock’s group, that coordinates directly with a Clinton campaign, released a web video attacking Sanders for sounding understanding of a primary challenger to President Obama 4 years ago.

In 2012, Scalia spoke with Charlie Rose about a routine of appointing Supreme Court justices:

Paul Ryan explains given James Madison is his favorite boss and Woodrow Wilson is his least favorite:

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2016/02/16/daily-202-hillary-clinton-could-blow-it-in-nevada/56c2982b981b92a22d1cae4e/