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The Definitive List of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Easter Eggs

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming]

If there is one thing to be pronounced about Marvel Studios and Sony’s new Spider-Man: Homecoming, it is that it is a uninformed new take on a character, superfluous with new ideas, set pieces and engaging characters. For some-more than a decade, Marvel Studios has had to lay on a sidelines while Sony constructed Spider-Man film after Spider-Man film, while a association continued to recover a Spider-Man comics. Now, a dual finally meet.

With their initial event to practice artistic control over a character, it should come as no warn that they pumped a film full of references, callbacks and Easter eggs for fans, new and old, to enjoy. The outcome is a arrange of Spider-Man film around remix, with several elements from all of Spider-Man’s story churned together in a approach that fans have never seen before.

Compiled next is a list of these references (heavy SPOILERS). How many do we recognize? And let us know what we missed by tweeting @HeatVisionBlog (bonus points for pity a comic book row and emanate number).

Amazing Spider-Man No. 2

The Comics: Phineas Mason was one of Spider-Man’s beginning villains, an engineering talent that went by a name The Terrible Tinkerer. Mason could invent absolute weapons and gadgets from usually about anything and given a vast array of Spidey’s villains. Strangely enough, he was primarily suggested to be an visitor in disguise, as Stan Lee solemnly figured out what kind of villains would work for Spider-Man. A after author would exhibit that he was indeed a tellurian sanctimonious to be an alien. Comics are weird.

The Movie: Mason (Michael Chernus) is Adrian Toomes’ (Michael Keaton) right-hand man, building all a tech he uses as The Vulture. He’s constantly enlivening Toomes to continue sharpening his scores by a use of some-more worldly technology.

Ultimate Spider-Man No. 153

The Comics: In a swap Ultimate universe, a younger Peter Parker was always told he would be forced to join S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Ultimate group (its chronicle of a Avengers) when he incited 18 years old. After a array of instances where Spider-Man and his villains were concerned in possibly saving or scarcely finale a world, both Tony Stark and Captain America were tasked with training Peter as Spider-Man.

The Movie: Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) has taken Peter underneath his wing, both gripping him during a stretch and constantly examination him to be certain he doesn’t step out of line or means too many trouble. It’s a demure mentorship, usually like in a comics.

Ultimate Spider-Man No. 155

The Comics: On Ultimate Peter Parker’s birthday (after their training), Tony Stark has Mary Jane pass a present on to Peter. This present is a span of powered-up webshooters means of banishment all kinds of opposite webbing.

The Movie: Tony doesn’t stop during redesigning Peter’s webshooters though builds him a customized suit, with a unequivocally matching span of new webshooters to a ones in a comics. The whole thing is wrapped adult as a present in a glossy suitcase.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) No.2

The Comics: After Miles Morales transposed Peter Parker as Spider-Man in a Ultimate universe, readers were introduced to a new expel of characters, some-more privately they were introduced to Ganke Lee. Ganke is Miles’ right-hand male or “guy in a chair” if we will. He loves Legos, is a bit too lax with Miles’ secret, and can’t conflict nerding out that he knows a superhero. Meanwhile, Ned Leeds was a flattering tasteless character, introduced in a unchanging universe, who generally operated as foe for Peter in regards to his adore life and photography career. He was eventually secretly outted as a Hobgoblin and subsequently murdered.

The Movie: For some reason, Spider-Man: Homecoming makes Ganke Lee into Peter’s new best friend, giving him a name Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) for no genuine apparent reason. Who can contend since they felt a need to change a names while progressing all that creates Ganke special, I’m usually blissful he’s in a film … since he’s awesome.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual No. 3

The Comics: In a beginning days of Spider-Man, comics author Stan Lee was still perplexing to figure out what was going to make Spider-Man special as a character. Before seizing on a romantic core of “With Great Power Must Also Come Great Responsibility” line, Lee emphasized Spider-Man’s teenage loner status. This saw him violation into a Fantastic Four’s domicile and fighting a group all in a vain try to join them and make a plain paycheck. The same was loyal with a Avengers. When they strech out to him to potentially join a team, he ends adult fighting them, serve solidifying his repute as an bizarre loner.

The Movie: The same is radically loyal here, Spider-Man’s introduction to a Avengers in “Captain America: Civil War” couldn’t have left worse for his reputation, to a indicate that even Iron Man doesn’t unequivocally trust him to be responsible. He’s a liability, not an asset, and is fundamentally being hold behind from fasten a group since of it.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man No. 2

The Comics: Jason Ionello (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is a partial of Flash Thompson’s squad of “popular” kids who constantly brag Peter Parker. Yet, in an mocking spin of fate, he’s also one of a leaders of a Spider-Man Fan Club.

The Movie: Jason appears on a radio shade in Midtown High School as one of a anchors of a school’s fast constructed morning news. He awkwardly tries to ask out his co-anchor, Betty Brant (Angourie Rice), on a air.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 7

The Comics: Betty Brant is one of Peter Parker’s best friends and his initial adore in high school. She works as J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary and mostly flirts with Peter when he turns in pictures. Their attribute was cut brief when she satisfied she couldn’t hoop Peter’s tip and a assault he seemed to be concerned in. So, she ran off into a arms of Ned Leeds, afterwards Flash Thompson, afterwards Peter again, and on and on and on. She’s kind of scandalous for carrying a rather undone adore life.

The Movie: Betty appears alongside Jason Ionello as a co-anchor of a Midtown High School news program. She’s also one of Liz’s good friends and sees her off during a finish of a film before Liz moves to Oregon. we think, in an conscious curtsy to Gwen Stacy and a remix genius of this film, she’s wearing Gwen’s signature hair band.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 2

The Comics: The Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s initial villains, though is notoriously a initial to rivet him in fantastic aerial combat. He’s an octogenarian contriver who devises his possess anti-gravity strap and robs banks and helicopters around a city. Most critical about him is a immature tone intrigue and vulture-like collar he wears. This would be updated to a some-more complicated fit in a Ultimate Spider-Man comics (see bottom picture).

The Movie: The Vulture’s whole backstory is altered for a movie, though a forms of crimes he commits sojourn mostly a same. His tone intrigue is mostly maintained, with many of a immature entrance by his nightvision goggles. He retains nails like a Ultimate chronicle and even sports a featured collar of sorts with his sporty bomber jacket.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 17

The Comics: In a early Spider-Man comics, there was no power-couple some-more successful than a renouned Flash Thompson and Liz Allan. However, a dual take a particularly unpopular position by starting adult their possess Spider-Man Fan Club – Forest Hills Chapter. Peter learns that Liz is throwing a vast celebration and that they are awaiting Spider-Man to uncover up. Peter loves a thespian irony that he could uncover adult as Spider-Man and disparage Flash, though during a same time knows that his skip of participation as Peter will go beheld by a array of people, namely Liz and his partner Betty. Too bad his preference is done for him when a Green Goblin shows adult to mutilate a party, alighting Peter in prohibited H2O for ducking out so quickly.

The Movie: Liz throws a party, where Flash (Tony Revolori) is a DJ, and Peter is equally divided on how he’s going to attend. He learns Liz has a vanquish on Spider-Man and knows he could measure points confirming that Peter is buddies with Spidey … solely that he’s both Peter and Spider-Man. Too bad his preference is done for him when a Vulture’s goons start toying with their harmful weaponry, alighting Peter in prohibited H2O for ducking out so quickly.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 46

The Comics: The Shocker is one of Spider-Man’s early villains and eventually became one of his favorites. He wears dual gauntlets that quiver to fire beams, land harmful punches, and concede him to shake off blows. He’s also constantly mocked for his name and bizarre outfit, that resembles uncanny bed/couch lining. In fact, it’s been flattering many reliable that’s what it is.

The Movie: There are dual Shockers in Spider-Man: Homecoming, after one (played by Logan Marshall-Green) meets an black end. Their weaponry is radically matching to that of a comics, nonetheless he has usually one outfit. Even better, Adrian Toomes creates fun of him for his name and dorky costume. (The second Shocker is played by Bokeem Woodbine.) 

Amazing Spider-Man No. 267

The Comics: In “The Commuter Cometh,” one of a funniest Spider-Man stories of all time, Peter chases a rapist into a suburbs of New York City and fast learns how ineffectual his powers are though a civic towers of a city. One of a best moments is when he fires a web into a sky usually to comprehend that there aren’t any buildings to fasten on to.

The Movie: The same accurate thing happens. Except this time my jaw strike a building during a shade of a anxiety anticipating a approach onto a china screen.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 63

The Comics: Adrian Toomes can’t mount people who double-cross him. This is generally loyal of Blackie Drago, a associate invalid who learns about a Vulture fit and subsequently steals it and claims a purpose for himself. Toomes eventually turns a tables on Blackie and reclaims a layer of Vulture.

The Movie: This isn’t unequivocally a anxiety to a comics, though we couldn’t assistance though consider of this impulse when Adrian Toomes murders a strange Shocker, for melancholy to misuse him, and passes a layer of Shocker on to his partner (“Now you’re a Shocker”). we returned to this impulse of a comics in a mid-credits method where Mac Gargan (Michael Mando) asks Adrian about Spider-Man’s identity. Who is to contend that Mac won’t do a accurate same thing as Blackie in destiny Spider-Man movies?

Amazing Spider-Man No. 11

The Comics: Spider-Man invents a mechanized spider-tracer that sends him signals around his spider-sense and allows him to lane his enemies if they come in tighten hit with him. Typically, Spider-Man would hurl a tracer during his enemies, perplexing to insert it to their wardrobe though them noticing.

The Movie: Peter does a same thing in a movie, usually with a distant some-more modernized system, and a robotic spider that can yield on a own. He uses this to lane down a Vulture squad to Maryland.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (Vol. 2) No. 1

The Comics: Peter Parker has been handling a rapist for roughly his whole adult life wherein he takes selfies and sells them to his publisher J. Jonah Jameson as if they were cinema he’s taken of Spider-Man. Taking selfies is formidable when you’re overhanging by city and fighting villains, so he builds Buzzbee, his unequivocally possess spider-drone, to do a unwashed work for him.

The Movie: Peter discovers that a spider on his chest is also a drone. This worker has some-more capabilities than usually holding cinema and operates as a fun comic foil for him during several scenes, generally when his Advanced Interrogation Mode is activated.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 231

The Comics: When Spider-Man detonate onto a stage in 1962, his dress came finish with web-pits of indeterminate unsentimental functionality, though transparent stylistic functionality. Who doesn’t adore web-pits? They would be late years later, though they resurface each now and afterwards depending on a artist.

The Movie: Peter eventually discovers that his fit has built in web-pits that can be retracted during will. They concede him to radically wing-suit slip by a sky like some arrange of drifting squirrel. I’m usually grateful that in this iteration he wasn’t bitten by a hot drifting squirrel … or was he? What are we stealing from us Peter?

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) No. 1

The Comics: Over a years, Spider-Man has experimented with changing adult his webbing a lot. Sometimes he’ll brew concrete in it to better Hydro-Man or brew it with a rubber piece to kick Electro. Recently, he’s been adding a lot of new tech into his repertoire, privately taser webbing. The outcome is devastating.

The Movie: When Peter and Ned invalidate Tony Stark’s control over a spider-suit, it allows Peter to activate his AI, Karen (Jennifer Connelly), and spin on Combat Mode. This unlocks hundreds of new weapons for him to utilize, including taser webbing. The comics haven’t played around with Instant Kill Mode, and I’m grateful for it.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 20) No. 1

The Comics: When a Ultimate chronicle of Peter Parker is murdered interlude a Green Goblin from harming his family, a immature Miles Morales takes adult a layer of Spider-Man, desirous by Peter’s sacrifice. Unfortunately, Miles doesn’t have an moving uncle like Peter; his uncle is Aaron Davis, a rapist that goes by a name “The Prowler.” It is Aaron’s actions that means Miles to be bitten by a genetically engineered spider. Aaron cares for his nephew though is eventually incidentally killed during a impulse between him and Miles, as he’s perplexing to learn Miles to use his powers for personal benefit instead of heroism.

The Movie: Aaron Davis is portrayed by Donald Glover, who publicly advocated his enterprise to execute Spider-Man for years. In a movie, Aaron Davis tries to buy weaponry from a Shockers, before evading when Spider-Man interrupts a deal. Spider-Man after interrogates Aaron, whose rapist annals brand him as “The Prowler” and one of his aliases as “Brian Pichelli,” after a names of his comic book creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Most critical is that Aaron helps Spider-Man out since of his regard for his “nephew.” This has hugely vehement fans of Miles, as it lays a grounds for his contingent introduction into a MCU.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) No. 6, Amazing Spider-Man No. 20

The Comics: Mac Gargan was a private questioner who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to follow Peter and figure out how he could take a cinema he took. Jameson afterwards hired Gargan to be subjected to tests that would spin him into a Scorpion. As a result, a Scorpion grew to loathing both Spider-Man and Jameson. In a Ultimate universe, there are dual opposite Scorpions, though a critical one is an inaccessible squad personality with a hulk scorpion tattoo.

The Movie: Mac Gargan is introduced on a Staten Island Ferry as one of Toomes’ squad members, with a conspicuous scorpion tattoo. After removing knocked off a packet and harm in a successive destruction, he’s prisoner and sent to jail, where he reappears in a mid-credits method to broadcast his loathing for Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 10

The Comics: Jackson Brice is one of a initial members of The Enforcers, a hit-squad consisting of a array of gangsters with weirdly specific talents. Brice works underneath a knave name Montana, and is critical for his implausible skills with a lasso. He and his group of Enforcers would uncover adult from time to time to make difficulty for Spider-Man, mostly on interest a Kingpin. And in a Spectuacular Spider-Man animation series, Jackson Brice/Montana also became a Shocker.

The Movie: Remember a man who was a Shocker, right before he got obliterated by a not-the-gravity-gun? Well, his name was Jackson Brice. So he was a Shocker and Montana … apparently. RIP.

Damage Control (Vol. 2) No. 1

The Comics: Damage Control is a construction association specializing in regulating repairs that’s caused by fights between Marvel’s heroes and villains. If you’ve ever wondered since anyone would live in Marvel’s illusory New York City, it’s since these guys do a good pursuit of clean-up.

The Movie: Damage Control is a supervision group handling underneath Tony Stark to assistance purify adult after a events of 2012’s The Avengers. They take a clean-up pursuit divided from Adrian Toomes and his company, radically sparking his working-class rage. They also work several vast containment comforts that residence all this junk. 

2012’s Amazing Spider-Man

The Movie: Remember when Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker had cooking with a Stacys and they offering him a branzino fish dinner, eventually sparking an internet blogging fun about a weird specificity of that moment?

The New Movie: Apparently, a new writers remembered it, since when Flash picks adult Sally Avril, his date, he mentions that he had to send behind his cooking since he knows what genuine Mediterranean branzino looks like. Talk about a unequivocally problematic reference.

Ultimate Spider-Man No. 37

The Comic: In a Ultimate Spider-Man series, Peter is mostly fighting in and out of his school, home, selling mall, etc. The rise of these kinds of battles happens when Peter, out of costume, has to quarrel Venom on a football margin behind his school, all while classes continue nearby.

The Movie: This isn’t an conscious reference, though again we couldn’t assistance though consider of this impulse when Peter fights a powered-up Shocker in a train parking lot during a homecoming dance. There’s clear sorcery to be had when Peter’s life directly interacts with a fantastical star of Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 33

The Comic: Perhaps a many iconic impulse from any Spider-Man comics, outward of his start story, is a impulse from what’s famous as a “Master Planner Saga.” In it, Spider-Man is buried underneath tons of steel, usually out of strech from a vial of medicine that would heal his failing aunt, and a room is flooding with water. It’s a destroyed moment, though Spider-Man convinces himself that he can persevere and solemnly rises a steel over his head. The approach it is drawn by Steve Ditko is a master category in comic book storytelling.

The Movie: The Vulture buries Peter underneath a matching raise of rubble, pinning him with small choice for survival. It’s visually scarcely matching to a comic book sequence. In sync with a themes of a film, Peter convinces himself that he is Spider-Man, with or though a suit, regularly referring to himself as “Spider-Man” as he rises a rubble from overhead. It’s a impulse Marvel Studios conduct Kevin Feige championed for a film.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 2

The Comic: When Peter’s spider-sense is triggered or a artist wants to weigh that he’s responding to something associated to his Spider-Man persona, they competence use a visible design of a split-faced Peter/Spider-Man. Comic readers were primarily confused by this visual, meditative maybe that half of Peter’s physique was unexpected lonesome in a costume, though it was fast adopted as a ideal visible illustration of his dueling identities.

The Movie: When Peter is pinned underneath a rubble, that visible illustration is reflected behind to him in a reservoir of water, where his facade is floating.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 1

The Comic: Spider-Man’s initial drastic journey concerned him saving J. Jonah Jameson’s son, John Jameson, from a unsuccessful launch of his space shuttle. Spider-Man had to find a approach to get airborne and insert himself to a shuttle, saving a occupants and sketch a courtesy of a cigar-chewing media mogul.

The Movie: The comparison between this method and a Stark invisible jet method during a finish of Spider-Man: Homecoming is apparent, with several panels looking scarcely matching to a final film. Either way, it’s fun to see Spider-Man put in an extreme-height unfolding with no approach of alighting safely if he were to fall.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 12

The Comic: In a famous moment, Doctor Octopus kidnaps Peter’s partner Betty Brant and takes her to Coney Island, swinging her from a tip of a Ferris wheel. When Peter confronts him as Spider-Man, Otto tears off Peter’s mask, divulgence his temperament to a public. Fortunately, Peter is means to spin that he dressed adult as Spider-Man in hopes of rescuing his girlfriend.

The Movie: The film comes to a finish during Coney Island, utilizing all a elements that Peter famously fought on in a comic. While it competence not be a approach anxiety to a strange comics, a plcae is famous in Spider-Man lore, so it is good to see it finally featured onscreen.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 529

The Comic: Right before a events of Civil War, Tony built Spider-Man a new suit, dubbed a Iron Spider suit. It authorised him to fly and generally do all a things Iron Man could. When Spider-Man motionless to spin opposite Iron Man in a midst of Civil War, Tony attempted to control Spider-Man by a suit, though he wasn’t counting on Peter’s genius to concede him to rewire it opposite him.

The Movie: Not usually does Iron Man emanate a classic, though enhanced, chronicle of Peter’s iconic suit, he presents him with his possess cinematic chronicle of a Iron Spider fit during a finish of a film, in a impulse that directly mimics a comics. It’s a thematic consummate of a film and Peter’s rejection of Tony’s offer signifies his maturation.

Civil War No. 2

The Comic: In sequence to get superheroes to pointer adult for a Superhuman Registration Act in Civil War, Tony Stark asked Peter Parker to exhibit his tip temperament to a throng of reporters. Peter agreed, throwing his life into disharmony and putting his family in danger.

The Movie: Tony seems to be seeking Peter to do a matching thing during a finish of Homecoming. He’s fabricated a press lecture to during slightest announce Spider-Man’s purpose on a Avengers team. The visuals counterpart those from a Civil War comic, and who could contend how distant Tony would have asked him to go?

The Comic: Megingjord is Thor’s fascinated Belt of Strength. When he wears it his strength is amplified considerably. He’s mislaid it several times in a books, eventually recuperating it in a drastic moment.

The Movie: Happy Hogan mentions that they are shipping this object in his invisible jet, though he has difficulty pronouncing a word … that creates sum sense.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual No. 3

The Comic: When a Avengers exam Spider-Man to see if he can join a team, they give him an unfit charge that he is meant to fail. He’s ostensible to go and contend a Hulk and move him behind to them. Instead, Peter discovers Hulk’s loyal temperament and his comfortless story and decides that it’d be opposite his ethics to finish a quest. He earnings to a Avengers and tells them to take a prolonged travel off a brief pier.

The Movie: Peter spends a whole runtime of Spider-Man: Homecoming trying to infer himself to Tony Stark so that he competence join a Avengers team. Yet, by his time as Spider-Man he learns a profitable doctrine about himself, so that when he is offering a position on a Avengers group he turns it down to continue his accessible area lifestyle. Was we a usually one fist-pumping in a theater?

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) No. 35

The Comic: After Spider-Man’s epic conflict with Morlun in a “Coming Home” story, one of a best Spider-Man tales ever told, he’s beaten, bloodied and in a bad need of a prolonged nap. He passes out on his bed, preoccupied to a world, when Aunt May earnings home to find him on a corner of genocide in his bed, his dress in tatters. It is during this impulse that May discovers that Peter is Spider-Man.

The Movie: Peter earnings home from Tony’s offer to join a Avengers to find a bag with his new dress in it. He dresses up, after supposed his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) isn’t home. That’s accurately when she walks in and ends a film with a, “What a f—!”

OK web-heads. What did we miss? Tweet a comic book row (and emanate number) to @HeatVisionBlog and we will refurbish this post with a best tweets.

Here’s one we’ve gotten. Patrick McCullough on Twitter points out something that sounds write: “Was Karen’s (failed) try to get Pete to lick Liz while unresolved inverted a anxiety to Rami’s film? Or am we reading too many into it?”

Dan Gvozden, a life-long Spider-Man fan, is a Heat Vision contributor and co-host of Amazing Spider-Talk podcast.

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