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The Emmys can’t quit ‘Modern Family,’ and reactions from Samantha Bee, Nicole Kidman and other 2017 nominees

Dan Fogelman, creator of this season’s dermatitis play “This Is Us,” responded with a brew of joy, exhilaration, warn and thankfulness Thursday to a NBC series’ 11 Emmy nominations, including best drama.

You had to have seen this tract turn coming?

I didn’t know it was going to happen! I’ve never finished this before. we don’t know how any of this works. Everyone who works on this uncover is so normal and kind of regular, from a actors to a writers. This is all a small over us. Last night, we were like, this is tomorrow morning, right? What happens? A integrate of a writers and some friends that run a prolongation association were following it some-more online and were revelation me what to design a small bit, or what people were prognosticating. But we unequivocally had no idea.

Were we already up? Are we guys sharpened today?

Yeah, we’re sharpened today. I’ve been adult given 5 essay a subsequent part of a uncover for Season 2. we indeed roughly missed it since we was essay and we kind of blanked on a time. My mother was removing prepared for work in a lavatory and putting on makeup. we was like, we consider they’re about to do it. But we couldn’t figure out how to get a record to work.

Neither could we, don’t worry.

It was all unequivocally confusing. It was fundamentally a slightest glamorous approach of removing Emmy nominations that we could ever imagine.

Is a expel calm sequence during full stifle right now?

That’s been going off this morning. I texted and emailed all a people who got nominations and those that didn’t. It’s a large family here. Everyone is only so happy for everybody. And a uncover removing nominated is so amazing.

Will there be a jubilee of some arrange on set?

There substantially should be. we haven’t even suspicion about it. We’re on plcae today. we have to figure out what I’m ostensible to do. we know this sounds cheesy and lame, though I’m not some-more unapproachable of anyone this morning than we was 24 hours ago. If we were authorised to, we would do this uncover for giveaway if nobody was examination it. We only adore operative on it. This is only stupid and fun and exciting.

And what does it contend about this uncover and how people are responding to it, quite in this meridian that we’re in?

I consider it speaks a lot to a actors who are holding what’s radically a dramedy and removing it put into review [with] critical other shows. They supplement a weight and gravitas to each one of their performances, even when they’re being humorous or honeyed or sentimental. we consider that’s since it’s in a conversation. For me, this is a kind of things – this uncover is what we like to do. It’s kind of a populist dramedy, for miss of a improved approach of phrasing it. Those forms of shows aren’t customarily in a review with a heavier, some-more critical fare. So only to be saying a name of a uncover amidst all these other shows that are darker and weighter and fancier, it’s unequivocally sparkling for us. We set out to do something that was about people and that everybody can access, though also try to do something that was high quality. To be in a review is unequivocally rewarding for us.

Who is a many expected to be dipsomaniac initial on a large night?

Definitely me. This is all entrance new to them, solely for Sterling. None of us have been here before — that’s for a organisation and cast. we find that a cast, when we started to go to these things, are remarkably centered and superb and I’m like a dipsomaniac sight mutilate in a corner, only concerned about: What if we occur to win something and we have to go adult there and contend something? It’s literally a many terrifying thing we can consider of. At a Golden Globes, that was unequivocally my initial time putting on a tuxedo and going to these things, by a time they announced a category, we was so drunk. It would have been a disaster if we had won. we was so shaken and anxious, we don’t know what would have happened.

All a new entrants this year … 

It’s good since we’re a new show. I’m certain when we’re an comparison show, we might feel differently. There’s so most calm out there right now; a ones where we feel like we have to get to right divided are mostly a new ones. There’s no doubt that, like, “The Americans” is abrasive it. But it’s hard. There’s a lot to watch, too much. And we can know that disappointment for shows that are low into their runs and don’t get a same recognition. 

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